The fire in me is dying I need help

Am afraid, I don’t know what am going to face in school. I applied for medicine but I was given physiology which I deeply appreciate. My fear is I might not do well, its been ages since I studied, am trying to but it ain’t working. I work at a paga(pos) stand, where I stay is quite far from where I work so when I close it takes time before I get home by then I will be tired. I work all the days of the week. Tbh even while in secondary school and my pre-degree it was grace that saw me through.

I don’t have retentive memory like that. I do remember things but I then to forget most of them. I have tried different methods of reading but at the end I tend to fall asleep. I don’t know what else to do,am confused I can’t continue like this, I might fail and I don’t want to. I don’t even know what I have passion for.

The fire in me is dying I need help

The fire in me is dying I need help


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  1. AAbeeb

    I won’t say the solution is simple but I believe all he needs is focus. If he will sacrifice for it, I bet he will thrive.
    I am advising him to stop that work if he can, and for the time being he shouldn’t dabble into another yet.
    I hope he finds his way early enough, then he can try less demanding works, if *he must make money while studying*. If not, I believe with right dreams and work, the sacrifice will be worth it no matter the path he chooses.

  2. Francesca

    Your stressed with work
    You intended to be a doctor but was given something else the zeal to succeed as a medcine student should drive you to succeed in physiology
    Try balancing

    When you come back from work sleep and rest then wake up and study

    Or check the period you are free in your work place study within that time

    And above all pray and hold God tight
    You will succeed

  3. Adeshola 54

    Don’t read when you’re stressed or tired either mentally or physically
    Don’t read when you’re hungry
    Since you fall asleep easily, reading with music might help
    Don’t read for long at a stretch
    Group discussion with people that are more brilliant than you… they’ll indirectly push you

    Pray again (this is the most important)


    [4/2, 5:57 PM] Ohaeri David: I think that someone who finds it hard to read should rather learn, studying is often passive but learning is a great way of acquiring knowledge. Let Him/her try watching YouTube videos and tutorials.
    I pray God helps out🙏🏿
    [4/2, 6:02 PM] Ohaeri David: Yh, some people experience higher brain activity while studying while others experience higher brain activity when they are being taught.
    This means that those who prefer studying can go on for hours on end without becoming tired while those who don’t can barely go on for so long.
    I personally prefer being taught(ie being in a class or lecture) therefore I invest more time attending classes and tutorials and discussion groups. I have a friend who prefers to study so she studies for very long without tiring and she remembers well.
    So I advice the person in question to try tutorials and YouTube videos and attending classes. It’s also more difficult to study when tired therefore being taught is definitely it for me

  5. George__

    Try and find out why you actually want to be in physiology. Check out what future it has for you. That is a good motivation to keep on going. When school resumes try and quit your job for a while. Your body and mind needs time to adjust to adjust to an academic setting. Then create a timetable for your self. Partition your time well and start by giving yourself an hour of reading daily (making realistic goals helps with consistency). Over time you can increase that time as you go further in your studies.

  6. Fatimah idowu

    ✅Attend tutorial(preferably private because you may not be at the pace of others if you attend a general one) and be sure that you choose a reliable tutor. Buh if you feel you can attend a general one,no problem. And if you feel you don’t really need a tutorial,then no problem too. You can reduce the days of going to work or suspend it especially if you are not responsible for catering for yourself.
    ✅ Draw a plan for yourself, write out the topics and subjects you have to cover and allocate topics for each day/every two days. And please,solve questions, don’t just read.
    ✅ Don’t use only the normal textbooks,watch YouTube videos, subscribe to night plan
    ✅plan your everyday at least two/one weeks before (for a Start). Don’t set unrealistic plans.And track your progress (i.e whether you were able to cover up what you planned),if you don’t track your progress, it’ll affect your plans. And this planning is important,once you plan and you follow the plans,the work will be easier
    ✅And please don’t be discouraged when you don’t achieve what you planned,go back to the plan, check what hindered you,then fix things again, that’s why it’s important to track your progress.
    ✅Set constant reminders on your phone with respect to your daily plans,you can use sticky notes on your phone so that whenever you open your phone, you’ll see all what you have to cover up for the day.
    ✅ To be able to read at night,you should eat light food/small food so that you’ll not oversleep(wake up around 2:am,read till 5am,then sleep again
    ✅ Have a reading partner,Ask questions, especially when you’re reading and you don’t understand, don’t keep staying on that thing,you can ask someone to explain it to you through vn maybe you’ll grab.
    ✅ lastly, going spiritual,if you’re a Christian, pray before reading and if you’re a Muslim, perform ablution,pray(2 rakats),and read Qur’an before you start reading
    Please don’t let your praying be too much (maybe ten to fifteen minutes) but a deep and sincere prayer

  7. Deborah1

    Can try to maximize her time
    It won’t be easy cos if she’s working at a POS store that’s far, then she may be having financial difficulty.
    Leaving the job may not be an option.
    ~she should use her time in school, there are periods where no lecturers come to class, she should read then
    ~She can also read at the POS place ( watch videos relating to the course work)when she isn’t busy
    ~She can try to form a routine/ or should i say schedule, she will be amazed that in between the jumble of life, there are some free times for her.
    ~She can also look for her weak points (harder courses and put more attention to it).

  8. Deborah Ayodele

    Hmmm. I think the first thing is for you to know your passion.

    What is passion? Passion is a great, strong, powerful emotion for sth.

    What are you interested in? What do you wish to find solutions for? It is always in your mind.

    You should find your passion first!. That’s utmost for you rn and if you realize that your passion is Medicine/physiology…

    • If you want to work, find a nearer place to work and sth that requires less energy.

    • You need to make a plan. You can’t just be drifted by every wind that passes.
    Take a deep breath, create time to make plans on how to read, remember what you’ve read.

    • Maybe when you get back from work, before you sleep, after you sleep… The thing is, you can start with 15mins, 30mins… Before you know, you will be eager to finish a particular topic, question. If you can find someone to help you wake up also🤗.

    • You need to rest also. If your brain, body is stressed, It’ll be hard for you to assimilate anything.

    • And for reviewing what you’ve read, if you have PATIENCE, I’ll recommend an app called Ankidroid for phone/Anki for Laptop. You can study more about the app.

    • Also, as someone said, you need to move with people that gingers you. It’s not really about intelligence, discuss what you’ve read, how far you’ve gone, study questions together.

    The change you want starts with your MIND. Believe you can do this before you start. Imagine what you want.
    And also before you start, start with God. Ask him to help you. He should guide you on what to do, what plans to make, how to read… He understands what you’re going through and wants to help. You’re not alone you know, God’s with you🤗.

    You can do this! I believe you and God also believes in you 😚🤗🤗.

  9. Nobzander

    Well I believe that there’s always a way to sort everything. So I think that she should maximize the little time she has at her workplace and I don’t think it would be convenient for her to listen to YouTube documentary on her courses and this way she would be able to achieve something even at her work place

  10. hardedeiji

    It’s actually a good thing you speak up early, that’s nice

    My advice is you can just get someone that is willing to aid you in this situation, a person that won’t get tired of you and a person that will be able to tell you to do thing and you will gladly do it……
    Ask that person to draft out a timetable for you, a timetable that you’ll be comfortable with and you won’t joke with.

    If possible be reading together and make sure the person follow up your reading schedule you both set aside

    Post reading, allow that individual to ask you questions, make revision after reading and touch the aspects you’ve read previously.

    Make sure the person you choose for this has the zeal to make you a better person.

    I guess this should help.
    And please, you also shouldn’t be lazy with everything about reading

    And make use of textbooks, youtube videos explains topics better too

    And lastly, PRAY

  11. Prin Cee

    I’d like to address this on different levels.
    ** First off, it’s okay and natural to be afraid. So there’s no reason to feel like it’s something unusual. Everyone faces fear at some point in their lives. It’s a human thing to be scared.

    ** Time management is a key factor. You work all the days of the week yet you still wish to study and remember. A tired and overworked brain is hardly in a good condition to study. It’d be to your best interest if you adjust your working schedule to allow more time for your brain to relax and be in a better state to study. You could work during weekends or thrice a week and then use the other days to rest and study.

    ** Prioritizing is necessary. My guess is you’re the one sponsoring yourself and your studies, hence the need to work and get money. But at a point you have to realise that if you’re making some money to assist your studies and the process of making that money is preventing you from having enough time to actually do the studying required, then some necessary adjustments have to be made. Like I mentioned earlier, it could mean spending more time studying and less time working or you could find a trustworthy working partner to assist on the days you won’t be working so you can have enough time to study.

    ** Now, let’s face the studying time. Different people have different studying patterns that work for them. Early morning hours, late evening and midnight are the best times to study for most people. There has to be a sort of balance between your sleep/rest and your studying. You could sleep/rest for a few hours in the afternoons and study in the evening till night. Then sleep/rest again for a few hours and study very early in the morning again. Why? Because resting, in my experience helps to put the brain in a better state to understand more. Studying in the hot afternoon is not always advisable especially for someone who has difficulty in remembering.

    ** You say you read and forget, right. And you also fall asleep. Okay, that’s normal for every student dear. But it doesn’t mean that nothing can be done. I’ve experienced something similar severally.
    I’ll like to give you an exercise; Have a little chitchat with yourself. Ask yourself questions and answer them ;
    Why did you choose to leave your home to come to school?
    Why are you studying whatever course you’re studying, what are your expectations?
    Where do you see yourself in 10 to 20 years time and how will you get there from the course you’re studying?
    What do you want to be?

    The questions may seem direct but by the time you convince yourself that you’re studying Physiology for a purpose, and you hold on to that purpose, the next time you open a book to read, you won’t merely see it as a book you have to read in order to pass your exams, instead it’ll be more like a means to achieve that purpose or goal. That’s when you begin to build interest in whatever you’re reading. Don’t just read because you want to vomit it all on the exam day, read because it’s what you actually want to do to get to where you’re going. Don’t see it as a necessity, see it as a hobby. Otherwise you unconsciously begin to mount pressure on yourself and your brain. You begin to feel like you have to read this, read that, cover this, cover that and you’re like “Oh my God🙆🏽‍♂️ I’m in trouble o” At that moment, you’re stressed and nothing you read will stick.

    Don’t make reading a stressful exercise. Make it an enjoyable one. Have it in mind that it’s your life. You hold the cards. You’re studying Physiology. YOU. Not your father or mother or brother or sister or friend, but you. So if it’s something you’re doing for yourself, why make it stressful? Next time you want to study, get some snacks around. Be like, “Who even wrote this book sef, let me see what he or she has to say here” Don’t be like “Where do I begin from now, there’s so much I have to cover.” Be positive about everything. Underline important points with a pencil, make some jots on a paper where necessary. If you meet with things you don’t fully understand, meet other people in the same field to explain. Try discussing what you’ve read with friends and coursemates. That’s one way to remember more. The part you understand a little, find someone and tell them about it, even if they know it already, just so it becomes a part of you. Try using the internet too. There are videos that explain most of the contents of textbooks in a better and more simplified way. Also have a study schedule or timetable for yourself.

    On a last note, whatever you do, don’t be negative or worried or stressed about it. Be positive. Remember, you are great. You made it through secondary school, made it through pre-degree and finally you’re here. Not everyone makes it that far. I believe there’s a potential inside of you that is yet untapped, you just have to believe it too. And most importantly, PRAY. Have a personal relationship with your God. Get Him close and make Him number one in whatever you do. Do the much you can humanly do and leave the rest for God.

    That’s all I have to say. I hope this helps. Thank you and God bless. ❤️💙🤍

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