I hate my course and I want to become a footballer but my parents thinks I’m possessed with some kind of evil spirit

Am a medical laboratory science student but I don’t have interest in the course, yet I have no choice in the matter because my parents wants me to do it.  Thus am not putting full effort into studying the course and I have told them about it but they think I’m possessed with some kind of evil spirit.

I want to become a footballer, I have tried to sit them down and talk to them but to no avail. They keep telling me that by force by fire I must finish the course which I don’t really want.

I really need help, please advice me


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  1. francis

    Good morning. I was in your shoes some time ago. My parents wanted me to study pharmacy whereas I wanted to study nursing. They didn’t approve it and was compelling me to study pharmacy. I refused and tried dialogue with them but it was futile. I paid deaf ears and struggled hard till I got admission to study nursing. I would have hated them if I eventually studied something else. Today,I am a male nurse and almost completing my immigration process to leave the country and they are happy about it. If you are sure of what you want to do and you know it is going to make you happy, do it. I suggest you pray,meet someone that is close to them and explain to the person. While doing this, Bear in mind that you must look for a way to prove to them that football is a good option for you. All the best.

  2. Ishaqdyara

    He Should obey dem later own u can go for your ambition.
    Am a Nursing Student 400level Now,
    Ofto many of my Friends Think am Studying Network and internet Security cause am perfect at IT and other Gadgets.
    So advice Stick on wat dey want🌚

  3. kolapo olajumoke

    You just have to find a way to prove it to them. Saying you want to be a footballer isn’t enough. You have to go for football events, apply for football scholarship and all. You know how hard it is to be a footballer in Nigeria so it requires lots of training and all. Sacrifice your time, try to make them understand, pray and all. And if all efforts seem futile continue praying and you can just study that course or a less strenuous course so you can get the certificate and make them happy then move on with your life. The only challenge there is med lab is a 5 year course if I’m not mistaken and that’s a long way. So if you could combine both school and football and try to balance it then you’re good to go. Once a very very good opportunity now comes for you in football then you’ll go for it. With time they’ll understand it’s just the way the country is and how things are hard that is making them react that way moreover there are tonnes of people who left school for football and didn’t really make it till they passed the football age. I hope you scale through.

  4. tejiri1234

    Since you have started the course i will advise you complete it since no knowledge is lost.You could still pursue ur dreams of becoming a footballer after you have graduated but I will not advise you to disobey them in any way

  5. wheelz

    Tbh, I’d advice you study the course first; while at it make efforts to let your parents know football is your passion. Like a fellow medzoner said, take part in football competitions, apply for scholarships, anything at all, just don’t disregard your parents’ wish by refusing to study the course they’ve asked of you. The lord is your strength man.

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