Can a Bachelor in Dentistry (BDS) degree get you a job abroad especially in countries like USA and Canada?

A doctor (BDS) once told me that a BDS degree is not enough to make you get a job abroad especially in countries like USA and Canada. He said you must go and further there (paying huge amount of school fees) or you need to become a consultant here before you can be employed to work over there.

I doubted it but he’s a doctor of dentistry too , what he told me is something different from what i get from the internet but because he has consultants and other seniors in the field he might be saying the truth.

Can someone please confirm this information, thank you

I have to pick between Nursing and Public health, Please guide me

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  1. Arry

    He’s saying the truth
    Dentists are flooded in Canada especially places like Toronto and chances of getting it with just BDS are less, u will need to be re-certified, and u will be paying school fees of almost $50,000-$60,000 yearly in order to get be re-certified with DDS, if not, there are no or lesser chances of getting a job there unless u are willing to make the sacrifices, but I will advise u go for another country if u really want to study outside your country

    And I also got an information that for Canada, unless your degree is from USA, Australia, Ireland or New-Zealand, u cannot practice dentistry there, the only option is to redo a four year degree program at a Canadian school or other sacrifices that can be made. A DMD program to be specific

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