Are there pros and cons for applying to a University’s Medical Programme as the pioneering set?

Though am an undergraduate already, I wrote the 2020 jamb. I chosed University Of Calabar for dentistry and dental surgery.
Though admission list have been released but that of catchment haven’t been released yet. So am hoping and waiting.
I recently saw in the news that Federal University Technology Owere have started her medical programme so I was thinking of applying to FUTO.
But my doubts are,
Firstly, do they have teaching hospital or are affiliated to a good teaching hospital since they just emerged?
Secondly, are they really accredited to offer mbbs or they just wants to admit for it first and work towards accreditation as time goes on.
Because this was how University of Calabar Admitted people for courses like pharmacy and some engineering without accreditation, then this year when the people were in final year, they asked them to restart from 200level. Time Is precious.
Though University of Calabar just got accreditation for doctor of pharmacy this year.
Then lastly, is there any Idea of their mbbs admission qouta?
Please, any one with insight about the school or pioneering set of other medical schools should help🙏

Are there pros and cons for applying to a University's Medical Programme as the pioneering set?

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  1. phayvorh

    What gets a school accreditation is it’s qualification. Aask students of the school how good the school ise. Their facilities and laboratories, is it enough for about 50 persons or more. Does the hospital in the area speak well for itself? Also, the fees are usually much. Because they might be requiring for Development levy and the rest of it.
    One common challenge is that the first set usually don’t have senior coach, so all those extra help like tutorials and the rest might be difficult to come by.
    Still ask more questions, I’d just advice that you know well what you are in for else you are disco8along the line.

  2. Stellicose

    Actually, there are pros and cons to virtually anything you can think of.
    The most important thing is the accreditation. A school without proper accreditation for a particular course means that the authorities in charge of accrediting see the school as not fit enough to pass across knowledge on the course. As long as a school is accredited for a course, for some time, the students should be safe with regards to the course.
    I don’t have much knowledge about the pioneering set in universities, but I do know two things for a fact:
    One, every school started somewhere. Some people were used to ‘experiment’ in a sense or check if the path they are taking will be successful. Even though many do not like to be the test run, so to say, I believe that as accreditation is a big way of assuring students that a course can be done in a school
    Two, in most cases, the pioneering set is given more attention to because the school would like to prove to the world that they can do it, so they try their best to make sure that the pioneering set have the best result one can think of.
    In short, they know their pioneering set well and focus on them, most times individually to see how they progress.

  3. Wasberry

    Well, there’s a person in my school. She went to a private uni that wasn’t accredited for the course she was studying. In her final year, they were asked to go back to 200l and start other courses, before she came to my school. Well, I think it’s quite risky cos 6 years no be joke oo. If you can contact someone in the school, preferably a lecturer and ask, it will be good

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