I want to be a nurse, I LOVE everything about it

Please I need ur advice.
Actually, I’ve always wanted to be a nurse, I’ve always had the zeal, I’ve always loved the profession. But I took the first jamb and didn’t get up to the cut off mark, so I changed to Futo and got microbiology.
I started up with microbiology with the intention of taking another jamb and changing to my dream course, but I took the second and my score was even worse than the first 😔I loose my mind anytime I see my friends doing their dream course and enjoying it while am not even happy with the course am studying 😔
Not that I hate microbiology, but I want to be a nurse, I LOVE everything about it.
My mum is a nurse, sometimes I even follow her to night duties, I’ve learnt many things from her and that’s how and where my zeal for nursing started.
I want to retake the third jamb, but am scared that I might not reach it again 🥺I know I shud be having a positive mindset about it, but I just can’t help it.
My parents also wants me to be a nurse, but they want me to do a degree program.
I took an exam for a nursing school and passed with flying colors but my parents insist I must do a degree program, I know their reasons and I respect it but I feel time is going 😔
Please I need ur candid advice

I want to be a nurse, I LOVE everything about it

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  1. Edusky

    I’ll advise you to pursue your dreams by starting with the school of nursing. You can also attend private lessons on UTME if that will make you perform better in UTME. I am a nursing student in UNN and I know several people that used that method because of difficulty in gaining admission. You can obtain an RN license after 3 years of study in a school of nursing and apply for direct entry into a university (which you’ll continue from 200 level) for your BNSc, RM and RPHN. I’ll suggest you should use this method instead of writing UTME every year. You can start working with your RN both in Nigeria and overseas but the sad truth is that working with only diploma (ie RN) here in Nigeria is extremely frustrating so it will be much better if you can prepare for JAMB and grab a BSc straight up – unless you have plans on leaving here as soon as you’re done.

  2. Wuraola

    Her parents insisting thet she must go for degree nursing means they actually mean the best for her
    Her mum is a nurse, so she knows better
    I am also a nurse and degree nursing is the best, going to school of nursing for 3 years means you will still have to further in the university for 4 years when you are done= 7 years
    She should prepare hard for another jamb and write it again since that is what she wants . May God make it easy for her
    Also, studying nursing will make it easier for you if you have relocation plans, also if you decide to stay back in Nigeria, it’s easier to get a job as a nurse
    However, if after all your efforts, you don’t end up studying nursing, don’t beat yourself up for it. Just try to be the best in whichever area you are.Do your masters and PhD in microbiology

  3. Anjola007

    I will advice to attempt jamb again and do it differently
    She shld sit down and look at where she is getting it wrong like d step she took in the past exam and in the cause of registration
    Another thing is that she shld talk to pple who have the same experience in the past and how they overcome it
    Prolly that will help
    But the most important point is that she shld give up on her dream
    She shld also learn hw to balance o’level stuff wif uni stuff i realized she is studying mcb already
    This maybe difficult but she has to understand herself better and she a lot of hard work is required since her plate is loaded

  4. hardedeiji

    Rewriting jamb needs more concentration, the university she chooses sometimes determine how the admission is being done

    Indigene isshh and the likes

    I am a nursing student too, wrote jamb 3 times, wasn’t given twice before getting it the 3rd time
    And I understand her frustration

    I was given some other courses too which I rejected, I did predegree in OAU all because of that too but still wasn’t given

    But I didn’t let all that stop me

    All I did was choose a less common university as at that time, Osun state university

    And with less stress I got in
    I didn’t stop trying despite getting other courses industrial chemical, physics with electronics

    I never wanted those, I just had to try
    More dedication is all that’s needed and she’ll definitely get there
    Another thing she can try is crossing from microbiology to nursing, she can give that a trial too if she can work on her CGPA

    While also trying JAMB out, all should work hand in hand
    God’s willing one should work out

    1. Wuraola

      Either enter through UTME or D.E
      We don’t even belong to the same faculty
      It’s not allowed
      Atleast, in UNILORIN
      Crossing from another department to nursing isn’t possible
      And I have never heard of it happening in another school either

      1. hardedeiji

        It doesn’t work in your school doesn’t mean it doesn’t work in others,

        It actually works in mine that was why I gave the advice

        If it doesn’t work out there for her, then should work more on rewriting another jamb then

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