I’m a medical student and I’ve noticed that I find it hard to focus whenever I want to study

Hello, please I need advice🥺. I’m a medical student and I’ve noticed that I find it hard to focus whenever I want to study.

It’s almost always like that’s the particular time my thoughts are all over the place and this makes me memorize stuffs shallowly. I can’t just focus. As I’m reading my mind is taking me somewhere else and some minutes later I would be thinking about something else. Sometimes I would even stand up and that would be all for the day

How can I be more focused when I want to read do I can fully assimilate and memorize things like I should

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  1. Zainaab_j

    When this happens it’s best to take an approach different from the one you’re using at that time.
    In this case you can drop studying the note or textbook and get past questions or online questions(of a particular topic). As you try to answers questions you don’t know, you’d naturally check your materials for the answers and study them.

    By the time you’re done with 50 questions you’d realize you’ve covered a lot.

    Or you can get a friend to explain a topic to you. This works really good.

    Or explain a topic you are not very good at to someone else. As they ask questions, open your material and fill up the holes.

    There’s Video tutorials as well.

    And don’t try to memorize from the start. it’ll end in tears.
    Understand as much as possible. Study the topic as if you have a presentation .Then you can memorize the rest

    Also don’t let other people’s progress in studies worry you cause itll do more harm than good. You’ll be reading but still feel it’s not enough and therefore lose concentration.

  2. Dr.Fae2103

    Lol.. It happens to me too so what I do is, I try my best to stay and remain active in class. It amazes me when I see my Friends studying and concentrating, It’s not like I can’t read or anything but at the end of the day I find myself thinking about another things. My thoughts are completely elsewhere. So I try my best to really understand what I’m being taught. Once I know something I already do tho it’s rare for me not too remember except I just don’t want to. So my advice is try and remain active in class and clear your mind from any distractions.
    Plus try and develop a good photographic memory…

    I hope this helps.☺️

    1. abubakar hamisu


      Me too when I study for about 30mins I’ll lose concentration and start imagining myself as a distinguished cardio thoracic surgeon performing HEART TRANSPLANT SURGERY 😀😁😂🤗

  3. Efienemokwu Kelvin

    This happens to some ppl too and not only u. So don’t be too scared about it.

    In this case you have to follow the steps below

    1 Pray b4 u read

    2 Move to an environment u know is the best for you to capture what you’ve read.

    3 Discard every distractions and clear you’re mind. Focus on ur reading only.

    4 Be determined

    5 Drink enough water b4 reading.
    When your brain is being dehydrated, it’ll cause you to lack concentration.

    6 Set up a reading plan for yourself

    7 If you’ve gone through alot of stress for the day, just go have a rest. Sleep and relax ur brain, then u may come back to read.

    This is my contribution.

    Wish you well medic

  4. Abimifunoluwa

    I have the same problem. But I do listen to songs and at last I just tune it out later, then the tune lets me concentrate.
    Or I just go through my slides instead of reading my textbooks or u can try the Pomodoro Effect, set a timer and see how many minutes u can stay before getting distracted. Once u see that u at getting distracted stop the timer, and take a five minute break. The minutes u stopped at try using that then take a five minute break then u see that you have been able to cover alot like that and also retain it.

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