How do I convince myself to continue?

Being a medical student I’m forced to study all the time, while my non-medical friends enjoy! Tomorrow, when I become a doctor, I would have missed out this part of my youth where I could be enjoying.

Howdo I convince myself to continue?

How do I convince myself to continue?

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  1. Sammie

    Medicine is fun … although not early seen as it. The circumstances around tend to shift us from seeing it as it is meant to be.
    Nothing in this world will come easy and my focus will not be deviated.
    If I can I manage my time, then I can continue.

  2. Williams

    There’s time for everything. Being a medical student you should know you can’t be like other people anymore. Dedication is needed to succeed in the medical line. You can always enjoy saving lives in future.

  3. Dr. Vibe

    The idea that a medical student has to read 24/7 is quite erroneous to me. I’m a medical student and it’s really all about planning and setting Targets. Besides if you actually love the course and you’re doing it because you want to do it and not just because they told you about the prestige that goes with the course or because your father said you should do it, then you would definitely count some of the reading as enjoyment because you’ll be enthusiastic about the course. Medicine students do have fun too o. Not as much as the average student studying English Education sha but the way you go about your being a medical student depends on you. Medicine for life!!!

  4. Ishaqdyara

    To be a Nursing Student is one of the best thing in life.
    Cause a nurse is the heart of every health care.
    Although is hard 1000 times compare to MBBS.
    So if you are a Nursing Student like me I salute you.
    I enjoy reading medico surgical Nursing Books.

  5. Princess Mellma

    Enjoyment never ends baby girl/boy
    It’s better you study now and enjoy your money later or damn the consequences and enjoy now at the expense of your tomorrow
    Besides when you graduate as a Doctor and you hang out with these your friends trust me the respect will be much
    I’ll advice you to continue if your are half way there when you graduate you can flex
    If you like travel from here to there to flex it’s in you..just graduate first😊😊♥️♥️

  6. ken-charles Cynthia Chizoba

    This is very important because most medical students feel the can’t do anything outside medicine.
    As much as devoting time for studying is important and medicine as a course needs a lot of attention or focus but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have time for ourselves. Its all about knowing what we want, being focus and in generally I will like to mention the three “WHAT”.
    1. what am I good at
    2.what do I love
    3.what is the world need
    4. What do I get paid for.
    The “1st WHAT” calls for what we are good at, our potentials. In my understanding when you plan your study activities then you can have time to develop what you are good at which is very important because sometimes after a stressful day you can do what you love “2nd WHAT” and what you are good at “1 WHAT”.If maybe you love reading books and other educating materials then you can discover the world need” 3rd WHAT” and finally medicine can also be what you are good at, love and can get paid for “4 WHAT”.with all these you can interact with people and gained knowledge outside and inside medical field. I feel everything its in equilibrium without you thinking or regretting not enjoying your youthful life or the thought of giving give up when you see your friends enjoying too. Like I said early it all depends on how we plan, determined and focus we are. On my part when ever I have a stressful week I go out with my friends to a restaurant, park or go for a walk but that must be on Friday evening or Saturday and come back refreshed and ready to study.
    Studying medicine does not limit you from doing or achieving any other thing.
    I will like to conclude with my favourite Quote” Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve”.
    Thank you.

  7. ken-charles Cynthia Chizoba

    Its teaches and strengthen you to manage your environment. Example :In a case whereby you have so many patients to handle you should be able to device a means to handle it, stay focused and make everything be in equilibrium the same goes to being a medical student.

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