She always fault me every time i try to connect with her

I need advice but conceal my identity . I never believed I can be struck by love, before now I have never cared about anyone so deeply even when I am in a relationship with you. But this particular girl we were connecting so well and I happened to loose guard and fall in love unusual of me (the normal me can play you without falling in love) . I don’t know what changed maybe I became too close to her and she became too familiar with me and started taking me for granted.

For each time I call her, I regret it because she must pick fault and make you feel bad in every free flowing conversation.
I feel this thing is becoming toxic , most times after picking fault after conversations, I find it difficult to study.

It’s not like I can’t stop calling her but the good me finds it difficult to stop, I don’t just Know the best way to stop that I won’t hurt myself and hurt her (even if I feel she may care less now)

She always fault me every time i try to connect with her

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  1. AAbeeb

    No girl will love such a guy. The more he tries, the more he seeks her attention, the further away she will go (whatever you chase will run). This might sound like some cliche or even ‘unserious’ but it’s the truth. For me, I think he should not even stay around her. It’s obvious she doesn’t and will hardly want him. He shouldn’t even try to see otherwise. She will hate him more. And here is the twist, if he turns away, she might fall for him for being decisive and bold enough to hold his ground (I hope that is not too late yet). And even at that, I believe he still shouldn’t accept her.

    People want what they want.

    I’ve been in his shoes before and it was crazy.
    Very exhausting in all ramifications.

    His ego is under attack here and trust me, he might not know now but if he lingers, his self esteem will be affected badly, very badly.

    And to take this further, deep in his mind, let him answer this

    Does he truly want to be with someone he doesn’t mean anything tangible and exciting to?

    I don’t know his plans but if he is the serious type, I say Forever is too long a journey for such life and he surely doesn’t wan to be the sad old man.

    And if there is nothing deep about his love, I ask ‘what’s the point?’ why waste all that is useful?

    I’m really trying to find a reason for him to stay but nothing is coming.
    And to make him feel good after all those red pills, I say ‘she is not worth it. You deserve better.’

    Have a good one🥂

  2. Nofisat

    I feel his pain but I also think he should have a good talk with the lady first.
    Cite examples also and let her know you find it offensive and demeaning, if after all these she still acts non challant then you can stop calling her.
    Sometimes we don’t know we are hurting people around us or we are used to our kind of way that we don’t ever think if our actions can hurt them.

    Please talk to her first before you do anything
    Note her response and expression
    You should get an answer from it , then decide your next step.

  3. Gold AB

    Just stay away for now and focus on your life.

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