I constantly have migraines especially when I sit for too long

Please I have seen people’s problems being solve and I have one that I’ll be greatful if I had the answer to.
I constantly have migraines especially when I sit for too long, so once it comes I usually sleep it off since I dnt fancy drugs.
It affects me academically cause I usually sleep in class. My friends say I’m unserious but they don’t know the pain I go through if I don’t sleep once I feel it.
If I leave it, it lasts for the rest of the day so concentrating on something is very difficult.
I do hope for a positive reply.

It affects me academically

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  1. Spectra10000

    From the symptoms presented here and my research on them it might be postural/orthostatic headache which may be caused by one of these
    abnormal blood pressure regulation
    Cerebrospinal fluid leak
    brain tumor.

    I’m not saying this is your case but it’s a possibility.
    For this kind of thing it would be best to see a doctor if this has been a persistent issue.

    For the academics part, you should be more mindful of things that trigger this headache apart from the sitting down aspect.

    you can decide to read when or how you’re most comfortable so that you won’t get too much headaches.
    Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and increase your salt intake coz dehydration might be trigger.

    Ask your friends that go to class to put you through on what was taught and tell them to tell you what they felt was worth taking note of. You might have to explain your situation to them so that they can help you more.

    If you have the prescribed medication for this then you should take them so that it won’t get complicated into something worse in the future.

    I pray that you get well soon and overcome this🙏🏽

  2. Dr.Fae2103

    Oh dear… I honestly had same issues.. I was having serious headaches but then I had no idea it was migraines most times I get blackouts and all I wasn’t functioning effectively anymore… I had to go the hospital and explained I was treated for malaria and I was having headaches.. I was asked to run CT Scan and MRI which is quite Expensive, my mom was like I should see another Specialist first before the scan. I explained to the doctor my Symptoms and he said I was having stage 2 migraine, I should take Cafegot and Cyprigold.. Since then haven’t had Serious pains and I’m fine.. So You just have to take something for it..

  3. Tessy

    I usually have these issue too, till a friend of mine advised me to take more fruits and water, I’m not saying that it has stopped but it has reduced, it doesn’t affect me like before again

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