I’ve tried so hard to stop myself from going back to the other guy for sex but I just can’t

I’ve been having constant sex with this guy who happens to be my ex. I have tried so hard to stop, sometimes I block him and insult him but I still find myself going back to him for sex whereas I’m in a serious relationship with my boyfriend.
I’ve told my boyfriend about the issue I have with sex and I told him I slept with someone before while in the relationship. Although he was angry, he didn’t want to leave me so he stayed. I can’t tell him again cus I don’t want him to feel bad.
I’ve tried so hard to stop myself from going back to this other guy for sex but I just can’t. I’ve done everything I could but I still see l
Myself going back. After having the sex I feel so bad because of my boyfriend
Please what do you suggest I do?

Sex with ex

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  1. Acquafortis8

    Some guys go spiritual about it.. I’ve been opportune to hear of these things… Girls do it as well. Once you have sex with those who are fortified with these things, you find it difficult to break away from their bondage…. Some guys and girls do it so as to have permanent control over their partners and that’s why abstinence pays… I suggest you go spiritual about it… Visit those you can trust not those who will also want to take advantage by meddling with you spiritually and physically… Seek spiritual help.. It may be an Alfa or prophet..

  2. Acquafortis8

    And sometimes, it may be pure addiction and obsession… In that instance,visit a therapist or psychologist (a female) preferably

  3. Nutella

    My darling😪
    This isn’t a medical situation.
    But as a friend I would advice you.
    He might have used kanyamata (charm) on you.😭🥺
    You need prayers.
    Go to your pastor or Imam and pray hard.
    Pastor preferably🤗

    1. Bilal Mustapha

      Sorry for the question #Nutella, but why do you think so..?? Don’t you think love is powerful as far more better than magic power..??

  4. Bilal Mustapha

    The ONLY truth I can reveal to you is that, you love that ex of yours so badly and you enjoyed having sex with him.. So the ONLY alternative you have is that try as much as you can to get rid of him in your life, as in to forget about him, secondly, if that doesn’t work out well, then you may try to leave the geographical area as in to depart from his sight, so, it would at least make you forget about him easily, and even if you want to have sex with him, you won’t fyn him close to you. Lastly but, it’s really a psychological! Try having sex with your new boyfriend, if he’s sweet and good, then it can make you forget him too! Since you said you love him too much. Wish you all the best!!!

    1. Leblanc3

      This is the best action to take, Seconded 💯

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