I’ve noticed water coming out of my breasts

For some days now, I’ve noticed water coming out of my breasts
And also my period is not regular, I sometimes even skip two months and see it the next month
But as for the water coming out of my nipples, I’ve never heard it before. I’m just 21 and NO, I’m not on any pills.
Could it be hormonal imbalance?
And what could be the reason?

I've noticed water coming out of my breasts

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  1. ivee

    Please do not panic, But I have some questions for you so it can point me in the right direction.

    1. What is the colour of the discharge?

    2. How does it come out? I.e; does it come out on it’s own or when the breast or nipple is pressed.

    3. Do you have an unusual change in the appearance of any part of your breast ?

    4. Do you have any pain in your breast normally, or when the discharge comes out, or after the discharge come out?

    5. Have you noticed any unusual swelling on any part or your breast?

    6. Do you have any headaches or any other thing associated with the discharge?


    1. Support

      1. Clear liquid like water
      2. I feel a sharp pain and the next thing I see is the discharge, it comes both when pressed or not
      3.it seems fuller
      4. I feel pain when the discharge comes out
      5. The entire just looks fuller
      6. no headaches or any other symptoms

      1. ivee

        Okay, thankyou.
        So, I would query hormonal imbalance judging from the complaints and I would advise you go to a good hospital to carry out a hormone profile test or hormone profiling. This would help us know first of if it’s a hormone- related issue and which hormone is responsible for it too.

        Then, hormonal imbalance is a normal thing nowadays, most females are being faced with it and it shouldn’t be a cause for alarm because it is modifiable, highly modifiable.

        After the hormone profiling, the medical doctor should know how exactly to go about the management, so that you could feel better.

  2. mari_yah

    Meanwhile if this person started menstruating recently,yes,there could be episodes of missing period,that is inconsistency,as her body is trying to get used to the hormonal changes.
    It could range from hormonal imbalance to a range of upcoming breast issues,one thing is for sure watery discharge from the breast is not normal,so she should go to hospital and receive treatment from the doctor. Breast issues are not to be left unattended to.

  3. mari_yah

    Meanwhile she should not be in a panic state

  4. Confi3908

    Breast discharge could be a sign of many things yes, but please run a check on yourself first. Look out for lumps (unusual swelling) around your breast area from your armpit down.

    Check the position of the nipples, are they regularly placed? At wrong angles? Whether facing up or down, maybe unevenly and also may be distorted.
    Also note the colour of the nipples, any change? Maybe a pinkish colour looking like an itch.
    These are signs of breast cancer, please go for a check up if anyone is observed. It’s not a minor issue

    Irregular menstrual cycles are quite normal. It may be your body adjusting or that the period where the unfertilized eggs ruptures is not due yet.

  5. Muhammad Ahmad Tahir

    Yes, that could be hormonal imbalance especially *Hyperprolactinaemia*, the condition is termed *Galactorrhea*

    What is most important is to go for clinical evaluations where the physician will give a series of tests to rule out other possible diagnoses and reach a conclusion on a particular diagnosis.

    It is important to note that, Galactorrhea could be caused by several factors and associating symptoms and clinical tests are the best way to reach to a particular and definitive diagnosis.

    Medical history of other drugs she takes and of course a detailed history would be required where family history and characterization of the fluid coming out whether thin or thick, clear, yellowish or bloody will all be taken into account. However, in her own case both nipples discharge fluid and she notices amenorrhea from time to time, this is classical of *hyperprolactinaemia* and if the diagnosis is confirmed, she might be placed on a Dopamine agonist e.g *Tab. Bromocriptin* (Bromergon®). If however, serum prolactin level is normal, then the physician may order for TSH to rule out hypothyroidism or confirm such, other evaluations that might be conducted include things as Mammography, MRI to check for pituitary tumors etc.

    Other possible causes of Galactorrhea include things like breast cancers, breast infection, drugs and pharmaceuticals such as Dopamine antagonists e.g Metoclopramide, Domperidone etc, Estrogens in pills, Antidepressants especially tricyclic antidrepressants (TCAs) etc.

    So, the best advice is for her to go to the hospital for proper evaluation and treatment plan.

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