Could the child live and grow attached to the mother?

What would happen if doctors did not cut the umbilical cord of a baby? Could the child live and grow attached to the mother?

Could the child live and grow attached to the mother?

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  1. Habeebllahi

    Lotus Birth….some parents choose to omit cord severance entirely a practice called “lotus Birth” or umbilical nonseverance. The entire umbilical cord is allowed to dry out and detach itself (typically after three days) it cut off leaving a healed umbilicus.

  2. shazkid

    This situation is called a lotus birth. When the umbilical cord is not cut, it naturally seals off after about an hour after birth. The umbilical cord and attached placenta will fully detach from the baby anywhere from two to 10 days after the birth.

  3. Mildred

    Yes the child could live and for getting attached, yes they would be but the umbilical cord and placenta tightens off after an hour of birth and then if not cut off, it falls off between 2-10 days. This is known as “LOTUS BIRTH” also known as “umbilical nonseverance”. It helps the mother and child to bond extremely well as the umbilical cord and Placenta are not some waste products but also contains cells which are the same cells the baby contain. Not clamping immediately after delivery (cutting off the umbilical cord)there is a chance that newborns can get a final transfusion of blood cells rich in stem cells and immunoglobulin that theoretically can help the infant fight off infections.

  4. Florence_p

    Cutting the umbilical cord is not necessary,there is a term called Lotus birth (or umbilical cord nonseverance – UCNS) and it is the practice of leaving the umbilical cord uncut after childbirth so that the baby is left attached to the placenta until the cord naturally separates at the umbilicus.When the umbilical cord is not cut,it naturally seals off after about an hour after birth. The umbilical cord and attached placenta will fully detach from the baby anywhere from two to 10 days after the birth

  5. chat

    The process of leaving the umbilical cord uncut during childbirth is called lotus birth/ UCNS (umbilical cord nonseverance . But after 3 to 10days this umbilical cord naturally separates itself from the placenta at the umbilicus. So the answer is yes the child will live during that time but during the development of 3-10 days the child detached naturally.

  6. Abdulhafeez

    The baby’sumbilical cors is actually not directly connected to the mother’s body per se. It is connected to the placenta and during birth it is actually possible to leave it connected to the placenta (under very hygienic conditions to prevent. Infection). This is known as Lotus birth. The umbilical cord will detach itself in 3-10 days.So it isn’t possible for a baby to be connected to the mother after birth unless you want to leave the placenta inside the mother 😂😂😂 and be carrying baby up and down like kangaroo. Even if you do that the thing go still detach and you will just see the that the baby’s head “o ti foka sibe” ( is broken )😁. Don’t mind my Yoruba

  7. Abigael

    It would fall off naturally after a couple of weeks and yes the baby will still grow attached to his or her mother, the term is called “lotus birth”

  8. ultrainstinct1

    This is known as Lotus Birth .
    A lotus birth might be helpful or necessary if you have an emergency birth situation and are waiting for medical attention. For example, if you you can’t get to the hospital right away, keeping the placenta attached to the baby may reduce your risk for complications while you wait for help. That’s because cutting the cord yourself can risk hemorrhage and infection.
    The umbilical cord is attached to the placenta. After giving birth, the placenta follows. When the fetus is growing in the uterus/womb, it is attached to mother by the umbilical cord, which is also attached to the placenta. When a baby is born, the umbilical cord is cut to separate the baby from the mother and the placenta.
    If the umbilical cord is NOT CUT to separate the baby and the placenta, the placenta would begin to rot, and stink. The umbilical cord would dry up and shrink within 3-10days and there is a definite risk of infection to the baby. So it’s not advisable to keep it.
    For this reason, the umbilical cord is always cut shortly after the baby is born.
    Some medical opinion says it should be cut right after birth, and few suggest until the cord stops pulsing with mother’s blood. It is believed that not cutting the umbilical cord will give an increased blood and nourishment from the placenta and also decreased injury to the belly button. There’s no research to support the these two claims. The placenta receives its blood supply from the mother, and once the placenta is birthed, it’s no longer living or circulating. So, it’s unlikely that keeping the baby and placenta attached can really provide any benefits.

    Not Cutting the umbilical cord is not a common practice in modern medicine though

  9. Henry bravo

    Well it depends,
    But it’s usually called ‘lotus baby’
    Doctors normally cut the cord fast because placental blood flow could increase birth complications such as neonatal respiratory distress,but it can be left and fall out on it’s own

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