Sex for Grades

To be raped is one of the most horrifying experiences. Can sex for grades in universities be classified as rape? Just today, Med-zoneTV reported the story of Dorcas, a Med-zoner that hails from Lagos state, Nigeria, raped at age fourteen.
The society should not look at these incidents from only one angle. In Nigerian and African universities, cases of sexual harassment of female Students by male lecturers is on an increase. Medical students are not spared as this social decay have eaten deep into Medical School.
In the past, cases of sexual harassment or sexual pressure for good grades were very rare, it was undignifying and shameful to hear of such things either by the female students or male lecturers.
We all know it’s not an appluadable act and yet it continues to persist in our universities.
The question is why?

Sex for Grades

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  1. DlamaTheGreat

    Why does it continue?
    There is a saying that evil continues because good men are not willing to do anything about it.
    Those in appropriate positions are not willing to tackle this.
    There is negligence, and also the system here in Nigeria is one in which rich and influential people are able to get away with a lot of wrongs.
    But still we have the power of the media and there are still some good men out there. These things need to be chanelled through the right channels.

    Some of the ladies cause this. Some few bad beans who decide to offer their bodies to the lecturer freely even before he asks. They seduce the lecturer to get marks. The prey on the lecturer with their feminine whiles to get marks. This leads to the lecturer demanding same from other ladies who have no intention of doing such.

    The pressure parents and the society put on young people. This pressure is what leads to people looking for desperate means to succeed. Especially in the medical school. This unnecessary pressure is dangerous. Youths must be taught honor. And to know that a single failure is not the end, the journey is still on.

    Religious bodies really need to get involved. In as much as Nigeria is a secular state, we can not undermine the effect and influence of religion in this nation. Our religious leaders in this campuses need to arise and help in this fight against injustice. The students may be harmed if they attack the lecturers directly. But very few dare to defy religious institutions..

    1. Tocirex

      Nice points Ma/Sir
      Referring to the fourth point….
      In a situation where the culprit is a pastor, what do we do.
      Because in the biochemistry department of unical a deeper Life pastor is frustrating lives there, and sex for grades seems to be a norm over here.
      So what actions are to be taken?

  2. Asclepius Jr

    No matter how hard we try to curb this uncalled-for acts of raping, it will keep blazing till the end of life.

    The best solution without going for far fetch, I mean real solution to this is that: Penectomy i.e cutting off of the penis of the rapist(s) should be the penalty for assaults and all other form of rape cases. However, serious stroke of lashes and tubal ligation in general for both sexes…

    Let this penalty kick start and u will begin to see changes.

    1. Maryam

      I support this!..Until this kind of punishment is meted out to rape offenders, nothing will likely change!

    2. bolarinwa420

      As much as I welcome stern punishment for rapist, we should also not be oblivious of the fact that we can not undo penectomy for wrongfully accused rapists
      So pending the time they verify the claim / accusation the individual should still be considered innocent unless there clear undeniable evidence that shows otherwise
      Punishment can follow after the accused has been proven guilty or not

    3. Kester

      My guy, i agree with you oo but what about the case were some is accused of rape and true true the person didn’t do it, what will now happen since you have already cut of his dick?.
      I think the best thing to do is to jail the person. Thank you

      1. Asclepius Jr

        See the Nigerian prisons and jails are exhausted. Let’s kick in an immediate punishment. Besides, penectomy can’t just be done for a suspect(s) but for an-evidenced-accused-perpetrator.

        When law enforcement investigates a case of sexual violence, DNA evidence can make or break the outcome. DNA evidence has become a routine part of investigating and prosecuting all types of crimes. It is often an important tool in achieving justice for survivors of sexual assault.

        DNA evidence of the perpetrator(s) can be collected from blood, saliva, sweat, urine, skin tissue or semen left on the survivor’s body. That’s why it’s important for the survivor to try avoid bathing, cleaning the fingernails, or urinating until after a sexual assault forensic exam has been performed.

        The benefit of sexual assault forensic examination is that it Increases the likelihood of identifying the perpetrator(s). It also Increases the likelihood of holding perpetrator(s) accountable.

        And I think the only exemption to this punishment is if the perpetrator was confirmed unconscious during the evil act. Though, the unconsciousness must be categories as some perpetrators will intentionally jack themselves into the state of being unconscious by going for alcohol etc. Lolz…

        1. Kester

          Exactly, there should carry out thorough investigation first before going ahead with the punishment. Kaduna state has already agreed to the punishment (castration) but they should be very careful in carrying the act.

        2. Gbemisola

          There have to be thorough investigation before this kind of punishment can be melted out to offenders

  3. Flamez

    Thanks alot, cause we never know what happens behind close doors… A lot of Doctors who are lecturers part take in this ill act… There’s more to it than said… This causes depression, physiological conditions and more…
    The system is secretly fast building within our society and we can’t let the dark sides which happens behind close doors to be a norm… Then … Who do we blame? We blame this ladies who subscribed to this act.. we blame our society created by the lecturers who shows us this steps.. we blame the political bodies for not being able to protect its own youngsters… I say no to “sex for grades”…
    We need to open up…

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