The tearing gets worse when she wears tight jeans and pants

My girlfriend complains about vulvar tears. If she walks too much she gets cuts behind the labia majora and on both sides of the clitoral hood. She also complains of vulva itching; She’s had it like 4 years (the itching). Once she tries to itch it, even at the slightest of touches she hears a sound akin to when tearing a paper.
The tearing gets worse when she wears tight jeans and pants. Vaginal discharge is normal; No smell; No discolouration; Just the tearing even with minimal stretching

Please advise me


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  1. Jennifer Obiozor

    That’s a problem called fissuring of the posterior fourchette

    The posterior fourchette is a thin tissue , more like a fold of thin skin around the entrance to the vagina.
    Now, this particular skin area is naturally made to expand on its own but a case arises when it doesn’t expand as supposes thereby causing a tear and this causes the vulvar tears and pains . Such pains arising from the fissure is likened to the paper being cut or sliced .
    When this occurs and occurs for a prolonged time it is called vulvar granuloma fissuratum.

    This is usually seen in sexually active females, could occur during childbirth .
    This vulvar tearing could be primary or secondary
    Primary in the sense that there is no underlying issue or cause and would go away after a little period of time.
    Secondary in the sense that there are underlying cause related to infections like bacterial vaginosis and Candida albicans which could be a Sexually transmitted Infection

    I would recommend a test to be done or a biopsy to check for any of the above listed bacteria or fungal infection

    Before the administration of any medications the results should be interpreted to know if antifungal creams can be administered or antiviral creams or even oestrogen medicines in the case of hormonal imbalance
    That’s all I have to say 😁😁😁

  2. Thankz

    Well there needs to be a clearer view to understand the problem better.
    But she needs to eat or take drugs that help in body building. To heal the wound perfectly.
    But the itching might be either from after shaving or a bacterial infection .
    If its the former then she should minimize shaving to just trimming, and avoid scratching it.
    If it’s the later, then she needs to go for diagnosis.

  3. maryrose

    For the itching she can take flucanazole capsule or tablet

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