The last time I saw my period was march

I am a virgin and for the past 2-3years I have been having irregular period and I don’t know what may be the cause. Sometimes I will see it and till after 3-4months before I will see the next one. Infact right now the last time I saw my period was march and up till now am still expecting my period.
My parents don’t take things serious so I can’t tell them because they will only direct me to my uncle who is a medical doctor and I don’t really feel comfortable around around him.
I am just 17 years

Please I need help

Irregular periods

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  1. Ishaqdyara

    The condition, known as amenorrhea, can happen in two different phases.
    Primary amenorrhea refers to an adolescent who doesn’t begin menstruating during puberty.
    And this type of amenorrhea is rare in the United States due to their type of weather.


    This ,I would say…is AMENORRHEA!!🤔🤔
    First,what is her body weight???🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
    What kind of activities does she indulge in??
    I ask cuz several factors could contribute to the symptoms she’s having. These include
    👉problems with the reproductive organs or gland that regulate hormone levels.
    👉 Stress
    👉extreme exercise
    👉weight loss(If she’sso slim or too fat,it could interfere with her menstrual cycle)
    👉Polycystic ovarian disease
    👉Endocrine disorders.

    Now,what she should do first of…I’d suggest she starts with the non-pharmacological mgt of this condition:
    . Regulate her activity level to what she can tolerate,and what wouldn’t pose much stress on her.
    .Dietary modification(More intake of protein,moderate carbs and less fat,enough fruits).
    . Copious fluid intake.
    .Visit a health facility for pelvic examination(this will aid in the visualization of the reproductive organs to rule out any abnormalities ).
    . Have a hormonal assay done.

    And,Most importantly.. PRAY!!🙏🏻
    Thank u

  3. Ibn_sideeq

    It most likely due to hormonal imbalance , you should visit the clinic by yourself to see a doctor as it might lead to fertility issue.

  4. Lawal sodiq

    U seriously need to see a doctor, preferably and endocrinologist

  5. Maureen O

    I don’t study medicine, so I won’t have these kind complicated speeches like the medical students. But what I’ll say is, she has nothing to worry about. I had the same condition way back when I was 16 to 17 years. I went to see the gynecologist, my ovaries were checked, my womb, everything was fine. Very normal. The doctor just told me to stop stressing myself too much and I should take sugary stuff..not much tho…
    It worked. After awhile, I started seeing them from 3 to 4 months intervals to 2 months intervals and then normal…
    I don’t think she has to get worried though.

  6. Emem Ekoh

    I understand this person.. Been there… Still there..

    I’ve done a scan and I’m just waiting to do a hormonal assay…
    The scan is fine, showing that nothing is wrong…

    I think she should also do a hormonal assay to give the doctors an idea of which hormones are causing it.. And I’m sure that there’s a medication to correct the hormonal imbalance…
    She should also check her diet and avoid stress..
    I believe we should keep praying and hoping that nothing is wrong..

  7. Tocirex

    She should check her self for any infection.
    Some bacteria can cause irregular menses.

  8. Presh

    It can be saddening when your parents don’t consider the things you want them to take seriously. At the same time, if you’ve got the over serious parents, my dear… I didn’t see my period for 2 months, I told my parents, they took me to the hospital and the first test they requested for was a virginity test 😂💔
    After that, they still wanted me to run a pregnancy test.
    *me trynna explain to the doctor that the scan was not necessary*
    Doctor: “Relaaaxxx… Even Mary did pregnancy test” 😂😂😂
    After everything, it turned out that my ceased period was due to bacterial infection. Took some drugs and was placed on intravenous drips for few days then my cycle went back to normal.
    You don’t need to panic, inform your parents. Anyhow they choose to go about it, its for the better. You really need to see a doctor, even if the doctor has to be your uncle. A stitch in time saves nine. 🙂

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