MBBS Examination – what would you advice me to do?

What would you advice me to do about my MBBS Examination?

So I’m a 3rd year medical student and my third in course examination is in 2nd week of July and my MBBS examination is last week of august.
I’m still trying and battling to cover neuroanatomy and neurophysiology which is basically what we did in 300 level in order to be ready for the 3rd in course.
But my senior advised me to read 200 level work along side but I’m still attending classes and there’s literally no space for that if I want to be ready for 3rd in course.
I use every opportunity I get to read but I’ve forgotten most of the things we did in 200 level.

How do you advise I tackle this?

Most of my course mates I have spoken with are focusing on 3rd In course first too. I’m the type that loves concentrating on one thing at a time

MBBS Examination - what would you advice me to do?


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  1. Bee Car

    From my own experience, passing your in courses well is very important ’cause a good CA play a very important role in the final result.

    The stuff medical students have to study is very volatile. You’re very likely to forget the 200level stuff even before the mb starts and you’ll have to start reading them all over.

    So focus on passing your 3rd in course well. When you’re done with that, you’ll revise everything at once instead of letting your CA suffer.

    The time is short. It is always not enough. You just have to plan well

  2. David C

    Hello, my fellow colleague
    The best way to handle this situation is to focus on your 300L in course and read it like as if you are preparing for your MBBS.
    When you’re done with the exams, you then face your 200L work.
    It’s quite understandable that you can’t remember your 200L work. Try and put yourself together.

    You gat this in control !


    My advice to you is to focus on your third in course now,but in doing this,still make out just an hour everyday to watch videos on some of your yr2 work(most especially those topics that you know u really can’t remember almost anything in them).This will make your studying for the third in course enjoyable becos variety is the spice of life; your yr2 work will be carried along in a more flexible and easy fashion and also,you will not forget the yr2 knowledge easily because,you will gain understanding of the topics by watching videos.
    # For neuroscience courses you’re struggling with, watch videos on them and any other difficult course:I recommend ninja nerd or Dr.najeeb videos#

    Videos will cost you money,but in the end you will be glad you did

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