I’m just 21 , how can I have stroke?

This morning when I woke up, I felt numb on the right side of my body like as if it was paralysed, I couldn’t walk with my right leg or hold anything with my right hand, they both felt jelly, I also have slurred speech, I couldn’t speak well,almost as my mouth was bending and saliva was gathering inside my mouth.
Fortunately,it went only to come back some minutes later, it kept going and coming back until a while ago. I looked up my symptoms in Google and what matched it was transient ischaemic attack also called mini stroke.
But I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to think that’s what’s wrong with me, I’m just 21 , how can I have stroke?? because the report also said transient ischaemic attack is a sign of a future stroke. I had a similar experience last year but it wasn’t as bad as these.
Please what should I do??

I'm just 21 , how can I have stroke??

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  1. Ishaqdyara

    I can’t say it’s normal but it can be cause by spiritual problem under what I learn on PHC or change in formation of ur blood in certain time through one of your heart chambers.
    Advice: Go see professional health experts.

  2. Mahmud Idris

    The symptoms surely suggest transient ischaemic attacks ( TIAs). A condition that usually develop as a result of formation of blood clot that can go and block a vessel in the brain.
    Although TIAs usually occur more in the elderly, hence can develop at any age group. risk factors for developing TIAs include: age, sedentary lifestyle, atherosclerosis and family history of stroke
    Some of the symptoms include;
    -drolling of the mouth and eyelid of the affected side
    -slurred speech
    -numbness of the upper and lower limbs
    -inability to move both limbs on d affected side
    – sometimes even transient loss of memory.

    TIAs can be treated by giving drugs that will prevent the formation of clots e.g antiplatelets such as aspirin
    Anticoagulants can also be used.

  3. Ugo

    This isn’t a good health condition but it’s very good you noticed on time. These are my prognosis on it :

    The Brief stroke-like attack you experienced is certainly as a result of your sleeping position if you don’t have a history of Neurological and cardiovascular health issues. Your sleeping position can contribute to this because you might unconsciously constrict the blood circulation to your Central Nervous System which will definitely affect the brain and spinal cord also affecting the left hemisphere of the cerebrum resulting in Slurred speech.

    This brief stroke-like attack is a warning to a Chronic Stroke disease but not every one prognosed with it eventually suffered stroke.

    It’s best you seek professional medical personnel for a swift action.

  4. Nathan13

    They definitely fit a transient ischemic attack, but the best advice would be for you to get it checked out in the hospital as an emergency because TIAs could precede a haemorrhagic stroke so treatment with anti platelet drugs may just kill you faster. Please go see a doctor, if for some reason like finances that’s not feasible then do not self medicate just don’t take anything, that’d be better

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