I have been suffering from reoccurring pimples for almost a year

Please I have an issue. I seriously need help.

For almost 1 year now I have been suffering from reoccurring pimples. Pimples that leave and then come out on the exact same spot, these pimples are just round and hard, I can’t even press it. I’ve made research on Google and apparently, they’re called CYST. I have used different things, ranging from black soaps, different creams, things like tumeric, honey, organic products, even taken local herbal medicines but still no difference. I’m light skinned, and it keeps leaving black spots on my face, it’s really bad
I don’t know what else to do because before this thing started I didn’t even suffer from pimples at all🤦‍♀️ someone told me that it’s an infection in my blood, how true is that?
Please medzoners, I’d really appreciate your input🤲



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  1. Lily

    As a lady, I know how frustrating this can be.

    I’ll advice on good personal hygiene, eat lots of fruits and veggies , drink plenty of water, exfoliate regularly, do not pick pimples.

    Also, see a dermatologist

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