Hormonal imbalance and menstrual Irregularities

I want to ask questions about the hormonal imbalance that is becoming Rampant in young Girls. My Cousin had an issue on that same thing. A young girl Having Heavy and irregular Menstrual Flow.
And now a little friend of mine is having the same issue, and now is scared of telling her mom so she won’t think someone has tampered with her. I assured her that it’s just hormonal imbalance, and she should visit a gynaecologist. They would just run Series of test and place her on Drugs.

Now my Question is what’s really the cause of this. I haven’t really done my research though been too lazy🤦🏾‍♀️
So I came here first😀

Menstrual Irregularities

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  1. Tessy

    My roommate has irregular menstrual period and the first gynaecologist she went to gave her drugs but it wasn’t really working so she went to a different hospital and they told her to stop taking the drugs or any drugs relating to this at all till she is 21, they told her that it is a normal thing and it will stop as she is growing older and it is true because now she sees her period more often than before

  2. Ummi

    It has happened to a lot of girls including me, and when you go to the gynaecologists they even make you feel worse, they look at you with a bad eye and state you should go for pregnancy tests. Everyone suspects you. It’s too bad.

  3. Salamatu

    In my own opinion, it’s because of the change of food in this generation,too much of artificial additives. Now we have varieties of drinks, seasonings and a lot of others.
    And also people of this generation undergo a lot of stress compared to the then generation.

  4. adeola tayo

    It is mostly caused by sugar ..anything sugary I have also experienced it before

    Hormonal imbalance can also be caused by;

    *Hormone theraphy..
    *Cancer treatment such as chemotherapy
    *Tumors,whether cancerous or benign
    *Pituitary tumors
    *Eating disorders

    It is also caused by

    Injury or


    There are ways in which we can treat hormonal imbalance
    1)Eat enough protein at every meal:-consuming an adequate amount of protein is extremely important.

    2)Engage in regular exercise

    A major benefit of exercise is it ability to reduce insulin levels and increase insulin sensitivity.
    Insulin is a hormone that has several functions,one is allowing cells to take up sugar and amino acid.from the bloodstream,which are then used for energy and maintaining muscle
    However,a little insulin goes a long way

    Too much can be downright dangerous.

    3)Avoid sugar and refined carbs..like I said earlier hormonal imbalance is mostly caused by sugar..so you have to reduce the way you eat sugar.what I mean by sugar is all this minerals,cake,sweets,indomie..many people don’t know that it is not good to eat indomie..there is a particular ingredients or chemicals they used in making it…Even though you will want to eat it let it be once a week..at least consider your health.

    4)learn to manage stress..

    5)consume healthy fats

    6)avoid overheating and underheating

    7)drink green tea

    8)eat fatty fish often

  5. Arry

    I know of someone that suffers from this hormonal imbalance. She menstruates for a complete month and sees her next period after two months. She actually went to her personal gynecologist and was given COC when she was on the third week of her menstruation and it stopped it, but her blood pressure always rises, sometimes up to 150 and and her pulse will also rise. She feels dizzy in some occasions also. So after the period stopped,she felt everything has been solved, only for the next period to begin after 2 months and this time around it lasted for a month, though she was taking enough vegetables and milk, so she didn’t feel weak often. Earlier on, the gynecologist told her it will normalize around 19yrs but at this time she was 18yrs and will be 19yrs in the next few months. She visited the gynecologist and he concluded that it was her nature, it was how she was born and she should always restrict herself from stressful work to help it. Till now nothing has been done and from investigations it could lead to miscarriage when she becomes pregnant unless she gets a good gynecologist to take care of her at the moment.

  6. Dr. Fay

    My sister has the same problem, her blood flow is heavy and occurs more than once a month.

    I have the opposite problem. In 12 months, I can get my period 7 times, and it usually lasts two to three days. Minimal pain, light flow. I barely spare any thought to buying pads the way other girls do because the stuff comes when it wants and goes just as quickly.

    My mum is a doctor, she says it’s normal, there’s nothing wrong with me. My sister is taking drugs for hers though.

    Anyway, what d’you think?

    1. Gbemisola

      I think your sister took some of your share. Lol…

  7. Dexter123

    From my mere opinion, part of the causes of this hormonal imbalance is stress and excessive use of pills. Most pills contain levonorgestrel(a synthetic progesterone) and ethinylestradiol. Basically, these pills are used to treat anovulation. Commonly, all drugs have side effects. The main side effect is the disruption of menstrual cycle which could be hypermenorrhea, amenorrhoea,metrorrhagia and other menstrual dysfunction.
    Additionally,There are 4 hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle two of which are secreted from the pituitary gland (LH and FSH)which is found at the base of the brain. Brain cells are the first to react to some sensitive conditions like hypothyroidism and low oxygen level. Sometimes, Stress can induce these the conditions and if it eventually happens, it can lead to the disruption of pituitary hormones. Of course, after the disruption, one of the likeliest things to happen is irregular menstraul cycle.

  8. ultrainstinct1

    i don’t want to talk much on this…The likely cause is hormonal imbalance and sometimes diet .. As for the excessive use of drugs, not everyone uses drugs or medications , in fact some can go years without taking a single dose of medicine and still experience same issue. The fact is that this becoming common these days, so from the Clinical research aspect, the root cause is to be studied –study on a certain area where it’s common, study their lifestyle, foods, progency, exposure to radiation etc the cause will surely be brought to the spotlight.

  9. Nofisat

    It is quite common these days for reasons unknown. Myself and my sister suffer from it , it’s been 3 months now and I haven’t seen my period, conducted 4 pregnancy tests but it all came back negative. I can feel symptoms of ovulation sometimes but the menstrual flow is absent, also experience mild menstrual cramps at times. I don’t want to even think of using COC because am scared of the side effects associated with them. Regarding the risk factors precipitating mine I think it’s trauma because last year was a lot however I rarely take medications unless I have to.

  10. Nafisah18

    My sister’s case is different. She does menstruate thrice a year. When she went for a test, it was discovered that she has PCOS. We went to a gynecologist who told us if she gives her drug, her menstruation will flow normally but once she stops, it becomes irregular again.
    We need a permanent treatment, my sister is too young for this 😩

    1. rubypearl

      Wow, seriously this life is a mystery, am a science student and an upcoming nurse, but I hate this thing call menstruation, they are regular no irregular occurrence, but some time I even pray I dnt see it for months, because honestly I will be happy, but seeing this comment and everything made me realize what I had and did not appreciate, something other people are so dying for to have.. I have seriously learned to appreciate everything one have because we will never know the worth of something until we loose it.. I have learned so much..Thanks and God bless

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