Seems a little far fetched to suspect a mere mirror, doesn’t it???

Many conspiracy theorists believed that mirror are actually inter dimensional, “What if there are two sides to every mirror. What if your reflection wants to keep you on your side? What if you are able to climb through a mirror, but your reflection keeps standing in front of you, blocking your way?”

So this experience happened during my early years in the University. My friend John and I planned a sort of hangout/party at his apartment, we invited few friends including Deborah, Femi, David and Janet.

Like any randy teenager, we were all excited about the hangout, so we got all dressed up, hopped into the first car we came across and off to Johns’ house.
We all arrived there, exchanged pleasantries with the host as he directed us to the living room. Not really sure of what we were supposed to do at a hangout, I grabbed my phone and quickly looked up something.

Then we found some games like truth or dare, never have I ever, cards against humanity and some board games. All was going as planned, we had some pizza, had fun with the games until boom, it started to rain. We were all concerned about how to get to our hostel, well, except for John, it was his place so he was less worried.
“Hahah, why don’t you guys just stay here for the night and we could have ourselves a sleep over” John said jokingly
We gave it a little thought and agreed to it, besides tomorrow was Saturday so, we didn’t really have anything going on.

I asked John to get us some sheets so we’ll make our selves comfortable in the living room. As he walked majestically to his room, I thought to myself “with all the money he gets, he could’ve at least furnished this room place”. I was a bit angry about that but I faked a smile as he handed me some bedsheets.

Deborah and Janet spread the sheet over the floor while Femi and David, cleared the board games. Previously I didn’t think Femi and David would honor the invitation, what could I say, they were both scholars of our department and wouldn’t want to mingle with commoners like us. Deborah on the other hand was a party animal so she’ll sure agree to it. As for Janet, well let’s say she’s an average student, an introvert, rarely expresses how she feels but was shocking when she RSVP the invite. “All’s well that ends well” I whispered to myself as I found my place on the floor. John brought up another suggestion, “we don’t actually sleep during sleep overs, c’mon guys let’s do something fun”, he said to us.

Once again with the help of google, we found a scary game called “Mirror, Mirror”. The games requires a player to stand in front of a mirror, with the tip of their nose almost touching it, with nothing but a candle. Pause….

Another conspiracy theory suggest that, “when we exhale, we lose part of our soul but because we inhale as fast, we take it back”…
“Exhaling close to a mirror will cause a little fog spot that quickly disappears meaning that your reflection has inhaled part of your soul”

We got an empty bottle, some matches and candle. We all formed a circle under a chandelier that I thought was -weirdly shaped and wrongly placed- poetic right??
“I call first spin”- yelled Deborah
“Sure, ladies first”- said John trying to be a gentleman

She spun the 7up bottle as fast as she could make it spin.
“Please don’t land on me, me that I’m already sleepy” I said to myself already breaking a sweat
David and Femi kept looking at eachother worriedly, I’m sure they haven’t been in such situation before.
“John looked confident, maybe he’s faking it” I thought

As the bottle began to slow down, we all leaned forward in anticipation and “boom” it landed on Janet. We all let out a sigh of relief.
Janet stood up confidently, lit up a match and got the candle burning. John directed her to the bathroom and the rest of us followed like disciples.

She entered the bathroom, she turned off the lights and started the process. We stood outside with our hands clenched like expecting fathers.

Out of nowhere, she screamed from the bathroom and use her shoulder to bang the door open.
“What’s wrong”—we all chorused looking as worried as ever
She said “there’s someone in there with me” while shaking like a fish
“No there’s not” said John with a little doubt in his voice.
He turned on the lights and the bathroom was empty
“Eeeeeeeeee”—Deborah screamed like a drifting scene from fast and furious as she pointed her finger to the ceiling of the bathroom.
“Oh My God” I said as I tried to get myself

It was an exact replica of Janet standing upside down on the ceiling.
Still feeling light headed and confused, we tried to comfort the Janet outside the bathroom and tried to apprehend the one on the ceiling. Pause….

When watching some Hollywood movies, we’ll always insult the white man for trying to converse with the supernatural but i realized such decision wasn’t just based on a script.

We moved closer to IT, with John at the lead as usual and before we could say “jack o lantern”, it grabbed John and tore of his head like it were a rag doll. Blood spilled over our faces as if we were being baptized.
Deborah screamed and ran out of the house not caring about the rest of us.
I wouldn’t blame her, I’d have done the same if I weren’t gobsmacked by what I thought could only happen in cartoons happening to my dear friend.
I stood there, at akimbo, with my head elevated, looking as a human figure devoured my now rendered headless friend.
David and Femi would’ve surely pissed their pants and they’re began to scamper around the living room discombobulated.

Janet stood up and pulled me out of the bathroom saying “Bash, let’s get outta here” thereby gaining the creatures attention. We ran out of the bathroom area looking back to see if we were being followed. We found David and Femi at the door struggling to get it opened. We all put our hand to it and started pulling and screaming. The door was made of iron so we couldn’t break it down.

Still struggling with the door, we heard a growl like that made by a wolf when defending its territory and we all turned back with our hearts in our mouth as we saw the creature facing backwards as the rest of her body looked in the opposite way.
“Thud” as she dropped the remains of John
“You’re not going anywhere” the creature said with an unusually deep voice.

Femi from nowhere jumped into action with a stool trying to save the day.
“Femi, No” we screamed
-I’d never try to be the hero when dealing with the supernatural- I said to myself

“Gbooosa” as the creature flung Femi several meters from the centre of the room into a wall. Femi was unconscious.
From that single experience, David ran out of the living room as we all scattered in different directions.
Well I’m different tones, luckily for me and Janet but unfortunately for David, the creature was already waiting for him in the dining room where he though he’d hide.
I heard as he screamed as if the soul was being sucked from his body.

I started crying, random thoughts were running through my mind like “I’m still young, why would my story end like this”, “I hope it goes after Janet while I make my escape”, different thoughts.

As footsteps approached the curtain where I was hiding, Femi shouted, “I’ve got the answer” with his phone in his left hand and his right hand still holding his bloody head.
“I know how we’ll get rid of it” he yelled.

The approaching footsteps changed direction towards the voice of Femi. As he was telling us the procedure to eliminate the creature, the creature grabbed him by the neck and expanded her mouth to such lengths that resembled a shark and swallowed Femi’s head without chewing.

From what I heard from him, “Janet has to go to front of the mirror, call out her name 3times and break the…”
“The mirror, yes, break the mirror” I said to Janet who was behind a work desk close to me.
“How do I get past it” she asked with her almost disappeared voice.
-I had to create a diversion, I have to be the hero- I thought to myself, I want have to be that way but that’s the only way for either one of us to survive.

“On the count of 3, you’ll make your way to the bathroom…1,2… 3” we both jumped out of our hiding place, we saw the creature as she reverted her widened mouth to the normal size with Femi’s body in her hand. It looked in the direction of Janet but beige she could run after her, I yelled at it “Hey, look over here you f**king beast”. I successfully gained its attention, not sure that was a great idea as she charged at me with the speed of light, grabbed my leg and flung me across the room. I could see the light, it was my time ,I thought. The creature plunged in my direction to deliver the last blow just in the nick of time, I heard the shattering of glass as the creature turned into dust. “She did it” I said faintly as I fell unconscious.

Out of the six of us, only Janet and I barely survived. We lived to tell the tale.

Since that experience, I knew better than to suspect my reflection.
-Mirror, Mirror.


Written by: Ibraheem Basheer
University of Ilorin, Kwara State, NIGERIA

Mirror mirror

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  1. dammie

    I don’t think I will look at my reflection the same way again 😥

    1. Basheer

      Some say your reflection comes after you only when you suspect it 😏
      I suggest you don’t

  2. abubakar hamisu

    I want to download the game oooooh
    But I’ll play it during the day with d dressing mirror (not toilet one)

    1. Basheer

      Thread carefully. The game is played at your own risk, BEWARE 😂😏

      1. abubakar hamisu

        But did it happened in real life?
        So that I wouldn’t waste data downloading it🤔😉😁

        1. Basheer

          It did 😬
          Be warned 😏

  3. Chiamaka

    I’m so scared right now.Does this happen in real life or is this a fiction?

    1. Basheer

      Based on stories from some individuals but I wouldn’t doubt them if I were you 😏

  4. AquaFortis

    Oh my God I’m scared already I won’t even try it

  5. Bethylizzy

    When I started reading the article..I knew it’ll be basheer that has written this article.
    Well done

    1. Basheer

      Check out my latest post

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