What’s Life??

Life life life
Life is so complicated
Full of trials,errors ,badluck, fortune
Filled with mischiefs that can’t be comprehend

Oooh! life
How do you see life?
How much sorrow and pain can you see
How shocking can it be atimes
Life truly isn’t a bed of roses
It isn’t a peaceful or amazing place to be

Bearing the pain of another
Loosing Someone you love
Getting married to someone you never loved
Getting sacked from work all because of your loss
Loosing all you got in a twinkle of an eye

Life! Life!life!
All is what life is about
Life is about knowing how to struggle
It’s about hustling to survive

It’s about survival of the fittest
It’s not for the weak
It’s not for the losers
But it’s only for those that
Know they are losers yet strive to be winners

It won’t be easy but would be made easy
Only if you don’t loose hope
Only if you are oppismist
If you won’t wanna sit and only watch
If you won’t sit and only see

You need to make standard for yourself
Set a goal
Plan for it
You need to sit up and make it happen

Not by just dreaming or wishing
But by putting it into practice
By not looking back but forward
Not by being negative
Not by doubting yourself without making a start

You need to start now to understand life
Because in life there are many opportunities
Opportunities to start afresh
Only if you have eyes to see
Then you can grab it and get started

Not by sitting idle but by getting started with something first
No one will make a name for you
It’s only you that can do that for yourself
Life is a lesson on its own
Life is truly a mystery
You stop learning once you stop living.

Written by Obiezu mmesoma Jennifer, Federal University of Technology Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

What's Life

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