Death couldn’t work alone,
So he created agents,
And made you the leader of the pack,
To do nothing but to seek and claim lives.
Like a ruthless warrior, you’re ready to claim lives,
Like a desperate hunter, you hunt for lives,
You’re a silent predator lying in wait for its prey,
And a stubborn pest, ready to destroy that which you can’t create.
Age is not a barrier for you,
Neither is gender,
You either send your victims to the after-life,
Or on a journey of immeasurable pain.
To all who have fallen victim of your wrath,
Don’t stop fighting,
Never give up and don’t give in to its call,
There’s always light at the end of the tunnel if you believe.
And to all we’ve lost in the battle to this ruthless warrior,
You were a hero, you fought bravely,
We won’t stop fighting this war,
Until the ruthless warrior is brought to his knees.

Written by Iwayemi Iyanuoluwa, Ekiti State University, NIGERIA


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  1. Tee_J

    Words of hope to those still alive battling with it, never give up. Thanks for this

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