GTPAL Obstetric System: Gravity and Parity

GTPAL Obstetric System: Gravity and Parity

How would you note this history using the GTPAL system and why?

A Prenatal Client Obstetric history indicate that she has been pregnant three times previously and that all her children from previous pregnancy are living.

One was born at 39 weeks gestation, Twins were born at 34 weeks gestation, another child was born at 38 weeks gestation.  She is currently 38 weeks pregnant.

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  1. treasure_

    G (Gravidity meaning number of pregnancies)
    Her gravidity is 4 (Three previous pregnancies and 1 currently)

    T (Term deliveries >/=37 weeks – 42weeks)
    She had 2 deliveries within these weeks, so Term delivery is 2

    P (Preterm deliveries <37 weeks)
    She had 1 delivery at 34 weeks (less than 37 weeks), so Preterm delivery is 1

    A (Abortion)
    No record of abortion, so it's 0

    L (Living)
    Note that multiple gestation (twins and the likes) counts individually.
    So, L is 4

    Therefore, G:4, T:2, P:1, A:0, L:4

  2. racheal

    Since the twin are separate with separate names will make it a para4 with the 2 previous children
    But there pregnancy is a single gravid carried same time so the previous two pregnancy 2 the twin pregnancy 1 and the present pregnancy 1
    Once the deliver the baby she is carrying will make her G4P5

  3. Presh

    Gravida 4, Para 4. Abortion=0

  4. ummzyva

    The GTPAL, stands for Gravidity, Term birth, preterm birth, Living children.
    Her obstetric history can be represented as:
    G4 T2 P1 A0 L4.
    Gravidity is the number of pregnancies, including current one. She has had 3 pregnancies and is carrying the 4th (The twin gestation counts as 1) – G4

    Term birth, is the number of pregnancies delivered at term i.e after 37 weeks of gestation. Her first and third pregnancies were delivered at 39 and 38 weeks respectively hence – T2

    Preterm birth, is any delivery between age of viability and 37 weeks of gestation. She has the twins at 34 weeks of gestation. P1 (The twins are considered as a single birth).

    Abortion. She had no abortion A0

    Living children; She has 4 living children, here the twins are counted individually. L4

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