What are your thoughts regarding this whole saga?

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I need public opinion on what I’m about to write.
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Ada has tried JAMB for 2 years.
The score for the last exam she wrote was 9 numbers ahead of the cut off Mark for her desired course which was Medicine and surgery.

She applied for the course,she was qualified for the course though she didn’t get as high as her other competitors had as there was a tendency that they would be picked first.
However,she really hoped for her desired course to be given to her.
(She even tried using connections but she was told that she was too late)
Finally, she was offered Anatomy.

She decided to accept It because Anatomy and Medical students in that particular school,
do offer the same course in 100l so that she could switch when going into 200l.

She was academically sound which was even doubled by her determination and zeal to get Medicine.
It happened that she scored 4.5 at the end of her 100l.
(Which to me was pretty good)
Now,She has applied to switch from anatomy to medicine,but she’s being denied that opportunity.

Is there any nigerian universities act that can be used on her side?

What are your thoughts regarding this whole saga?

What are your thoughts regarding this whole saga?

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  1. Olamide

    Hmm, this is really sad cause I can relate.
    Many people who made first class in my school have been denied the opportunity to change course of study.
    Most times, in a school that requires 50 students, like mine, it’s quite difficult to change department because the school authority would not want to compound issues for the existent students there and for themselves as well.
    My advice to this person is to try writing jamb again and apply to another school or if that doesn’t work, finish with your anatomy program and you can always go back for direct entry.
    I wish you the very best!😊

  2. Bethylizzy

    This situation also happened in my school and they were like the reason being that there isn’t enough space in that department

  3. Elektrolait

    Hello, Maybe she didn’t meet the cut off mark for Medicine, Like for my school, we do that here too, student crossing from basic medical courses to medicine, nursing and the required cgpa increases per day. Evn if the student has 4.5 and the cut off gpa is 4.7, the student won’t be able to cross

  4. Jummy

    I had an issue like this. I was given physiology, I got a 4.93, and wanted to transfer to medicine. My family even knew some of the higher ups, but they said my department would not release me. Thank God I was able to get an opportunity to study medicine somewhere else. I think she has to make a choice, either finish the course and transfer after, or write jamb again and keep trying while still studying the anatomy.

  5. Aladesanmi Adejisola

    This is really sad
    And it is very stressful, I went through the same in my 100level.
    I wanted to apply for medicine and surgery but I couldn’t because I applied very late in the school so I decided to choose Physiology because it is related.
    We were told in our 100lvl that we can switch to another department as far as our G.P is high
    The process was so stressful, I was frustrated at some extent but at last I got it.
    Out of about 10 people only 3 persons were approved
    Luckily I was among.
    They are people that their G.P was ever higher than mine I had 4.2
    I even saw someone with 4.9 that was denied
    It was just luck and connection oooo
    But to be honest it will cost you, your time, money and prayers sef
    I will just advice her to continuing studying the anatomy then when she is done she can do direct entry into medicine.

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