Based on a true life story


She was just a sweet little 17-years old girl who had a bright future. She had all the good grades in class and she was a good girl. She never smoked, drank or used drugs even while we did that in school. She was so beautiful. Soon, I started crushing on her. I wanted to date her not because I loved her but because I just wanted to have her in bed.
“I’m sorry Miyano, I can’t date you” Furuta had said fearfully and she walked out on me. I lost my temper. I was enraged and full of anger. How could that filthy thing turn down my request? I was feared by all in school, at home and everywhere. I was a bully and no one ever questioned my order. Everyone knew I was so close to Yak. He was one of the deadliest criminal here in Japan. “I must deal with Furuta” I had said smiling wickedly.
It was the set day. My guys and I were prepared. Min stood at the corner of the road waiting. I was standing some distance away. We could hear the wheels of her bicycle. She was coming back from her part-time job. As soon as she got there, Min kicked Furuta off her bicycle. She fell to the ground bruising her knees. Immediately, I walked towards the scene innocently and Min ran away as soon as he saw me. I helped her got up, cleaned her knees and then offered to escort her home as it was around 8:30 pm but she turned down my request.
Forcefully, I led her to an abandoned warehouse. I threatened that I was going to call Yak if she screamed and he was going to kill her and wipe all her family off. On the mention of Yak’s name, she became so scared. I took off my pants and had sex with her forcefully. I could see the stream of tears running down her cheeks. Well, I wasn’t moved. She was just a girl and should be treated as a nobody.
As soon as I wore my pants, I took her to a nearby park where Min and my two other guys were waiting. Each of them had sex with her. It felt really good. I also had another round of sex with her. Furuta was helpless. She laid on the ground like a log of wood with hot tears dripping down her cheeks. She couldn’t shout nor scream. When we were done, we smuggled her into Min’s home and kept her in a store. Min’s parents were hardly around. But, whenever they came around, guess what we did?
We would make Furuta disguise as Min’s girlfriend whenever Min’s parents were around. They never suspected anything initially but soon, they began to. Unfortunately, they had to keep quiet when they realized what was going on. We had threatened them with Yak. We told them he was going to kill them if they raised any alarm.
Furuta stayed in Min’s house for about 44 days. We raped her over 400 times. We went to the extent of calling other guys to have sex with her and even harm her. We inserted all sort of objects into her vagina ranging from iron bars to scissors. We were really having fun with her. On one occasion, we lit a lightbulb into her vagina and anus and we all started laughing. Sadly for her, that made her unable to urinate or defecate well. Her excretory organs got damaged severely.
Whenever we weren’t having sex with her, we would make her do stupid things like masturbate in front of us, eat live cockroach, drink her urine and many more terrible things you could ever imagine. We even burnt her eyelids with cigarette and hot wax on one occasion.
The police tried their best in looking for her. Her parents had immediately contacted the police as soon as she got missing. The police even came to Min’s house one day but Min’s parents assured them that she wasn’t in their house. In the long run, all the efforts of the police proved abortive.
On the 44th day of Furuta’s abduction, we decided to play a game called ‘Mahjong’. To my greatest surprise, I lost. I was so enraged and angry and so I decided to vent my anger on the poor girl. The other guys joined me. We tormented her till she took her last breath. We were scared of being charged with murder and so we dumped her in a big gallon drum, filled it up with wet concrete and then dropped it in a cement truck in the night. That very day was January 4, 1989.
Two weeks later, the police discovered what had happened and Furuta’s corpse was found. The four of us were all arrested. Fortunately for us, we were given light punishment rather than capital punishments. We believed Yak had a hand in it plus the fact that we were just juveniles. I was only 18 then. Our names were even withheld from the public.
I was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment while my other guys were sentenced to less than 10 years imprisonment each. Well, you would think I had learnt my lessons. But, that’s never going to happen. I’m still that guy with a stony heart and I don’t feel sorry for my sins. Girls are nothing and should be treated as mere trash.

“Stop the gender inequality. Stop the Violence! Say No to Rape! Stop treating Females as trash!”

Writer: Isibor Precious
Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria


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  1. drwaters

    This is one very sensitive topic. Take culture should be preached against and shunned in our society. I can only imagine the trauma the lady passed through, being tormented by monsters for many days.

  2. opeyemi

    This is very serious and sensitive issue.

  3. nedu

    This is so heartbreaking. Some people are not meant to be humans tbh. This is the definition of someone being desperately wicked. I feel so pained right now

  4. Oyemhe

    A very sensitive story…….devilish hearts of humans
    Stop Gender inequality!Stop the violence! Say no to Rape!!!

  5. Angelala

    Read the story twice and the horror is still gut wrenching.

    I’m really glad you put this story out to nigerian students.. because honestly our generation needs this…

    I remember a Muslim guy once telling me if a girl raped it’s her fault because of how she dressed and also because she refused to wear a very big gown that’ll cover her big butt.
    I was beyond pissed, he said something along the lines of when boys get horny they can’t control themselves so it’s up to us females to cover up and I asked him that what of those babies, those 2 months old, 3 months old, a year old babies that men raped, I asked him if those babies who could hardly walk wore skimpy clothes and had breasts or ass to tempt the men with

    Nigerians need to have sense. And honestly I didn’t like the justice dealt in this girls death. My mum told me about it first some years ago and we researched it together and I cried my ass out.

  6. Asterix

    Daaaaaaannnnng… This really happened?

  7. doc_kenny

    It’s horrifying, disheartening am trying to play it in my head and seriuosly it’s giving me headache. God I don’t even know what to say, but those guys they are supposed to die in the harshest way there is

  8. Francesca

    The penalty for tape should be death
    I once had a conversation with someone who blamed rape on the ladies
    We aren’t supposed to dress the way we dress but the guys are allowed to do whatever they want because they are men
    Not withstanding the fact that ladies have equal rights as the men and are only submissive to their husband as in the Bible


    This fight is for all against brutality
    Not whitholding the fact that men are also raped

  9. Whybie

    Reading this story made my heart to really bleed. It’s so unfortunate that we still have people in our generation who don’t see what’s wrong in rape. Girls are very nice beings and I feel that they should be treated very well and precious. Too bad what happened to Furuta. What pains me is the fact that the boys were not properly punished for what they did

  10. PeeChee

    This mentality is so heartbreaking!!!

    Sexism has got to stop!!!

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