Can religion affect relationships?

What happens when you fall in love outside your religion?

```What happens when you fall in love across religion

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  1. Isaolamide

    One of the reasons scholars detest marrying Christians is that they convert directly or indirectly your children to Christians(example Is what the lady said on your status)which will be problem for the man on the day of resurrection
    Remember Allah says indeed your wealth and children are problem
    Which problem can be more than one child not being a believer!
    Lastly, it would be better we go with one with the same religion because once in a while, there will always be problem no matter how you understand each other.

  2. Mayor

    My mum is from Christian family, dad is from Muslim family. And this doesn’t affect their relationships with their in laws.

    Mum is now a muslim, she doesn’t go to church at all but she observes solat.

    Well, left for me, if you know you won’t marry someone from the other religions,dont get involved. It might be hard not to get involved/ engaged. But try not to get involved.
    It might be hard to break up later it you two can’t get marry because of the religious divide .

    Some people with separate religion marry and they are *good*

    So it is up to you sha.

    1. Azidah

      Same here. My mom is from a diverse family, her parents are christian but her mom was initially from a muslim family. When she got married to my dad who is a Muslim she had to revert at some point to Islam. She now performs Salat and knows a lot about the reliogion. At the same time she has three other sisters who got Married to muslims also. They didn’t convert to islam and the children are now left in between both religion. I can say theyy are not fully commited to any religion.

      So i think marriage between religion is left to the individuals to make it right. We all know in most cases it is the woman that ought to follow the religion of her husband (as well as’the children) due to the husbands superiority and right. So if the woman can’t change religions or they both can’t come to an agreement then they shouldn’t marry. In the future there would be a lot of religious conflict between the couples and even the children.

      And anyways the aim of both religion is to convey the message and get people believe in what you have believe and practice it’s teaching. What is the point if your own family members don’t believe in what you believe in.


    Well my mom is a Christian and my dad a Muslim and there’s no such conflicts. My mom’s family are really fond of him and join him in prayers when they can. I practiced both religion for a while and now I’ve decided to be a Christian,I haven’t told my dad yet tho. It’s about sacrifice. My dad has always allowed my mom go to church for as long as I can remember just not on sundays. She attends mid week services and vigils.

  4. pelumi

    Yes,reason being that in islam,a Muslim man is very much allowed to marry a Christian woman But a Muslim woman isn’t allowed to marry a Christian man except if he’s willing to convert to islam, and also a Muslim man is only allowed to marry a Christian woman on the condition that the children follow their father…with this outlined I guess it’s up to both parties to agree on if they should go ahead with the relationship or not to avoid problems that may occur in the future.

  5. Gbemisola

    What happens when we fall in love outside our religion…..🤔🤔….
    If I find myself in such a situation I’ll try my best to get rid of that love cos I believe it can’t be real. Real love is based on the love of Allah (S.W.T) and his messenger (S.A.W).
    There’s no obedience to a creation when it’s a disobedience to the creator. It’s clearly stated that marrying a disbeliever isn’t allowed as other med-zoners said so there’s no reason to fall in love with someone in vain. It’s better to get the heartbreak early enough.

  6. augid

    This one said wrong or I didn’t understand him.

    Islamically, a Muslim can get married to christian, unless that it’s not encouraged.

    While some tribes (Like Arabs) practise this, Some (mostly Africans) regard it as a shame on a Muslim to get married to christian.

    There are many challenges one will face, most especially from the parents, community, friends and other families. Challenges one can never endure.

  7. David C

    Nothing will really happen
    Although, the way the society is going now, it doesn’t seem like there is an issue with it but one way or the other, there will sure be some conflicting issues.
    There is no big deal at all to love the opposite religion but it shouldn’t go as far as marriage.
    The two individuals may be happy with the whole ish but what about the families ?
    Remember that marriage is indirectly the union of two families and at some point, there may be some deep potholes in the marriage because of external forces. Also the friends of the individuals concerned too.

    The list can go on and on

    But in summary, you can actually love someone without getting married to the person🤷🏻‍♂️
    Anything that will go that far should just be avoided because no one knows what’s coming later on.

    People Change (Always remember that)🤔

  8. Seeker

    I’d like to say a few words on these trending controvasy
    This issue has already been clarified by majority of Muslim clerics, among is a world renowned dynamic international orator on Islam and comparative religious.. Dr.Zakir Naik.

    What brought about this misunderstanding is the verse of the Qur’an in surah Al ma’edah, that says:
    “..on this day, permissible for you( (in marriage) is the women of the book (The Ahlul Kitab)..” Q5:5
    Which many mistook as christians or Jews, where as the Ahlul Kitab (people of The book) meant in the Qur’an is far different from the modern christians

    The ‘Ahlul Kitab’ are those who believe in the scripture, they believe jisus (Isah) A.S to be a prophet not God. while majority of the modern christians believe that Jisus is God and some of them believe that Jisus is son of God.

    The Qur’an clearly categorize this sort of modern christians as kuffars(unbelievers) in surah Al ma’edah:
    “they do disbelief (kufr) who say “Allah is christ the son of marry”.. ” Q5:72

    Inline with the above verse, marrying a non Muslim is clearly prohibited according to the verse is in surah Al-baqarah :

    “Do not marry unbelieving women (idolaters), until they believe: A slave woman who believes is better than an unbelieving woman, even though she allures you. Nor marry (your girls) to unbelievers until they believe: A man slave who believes is better than an unbeliever, even though he allures you. Unbelievers do (but) beckon you to the Fire. But Allah beckons by His Grace to the Garden (of bliss) and forgiveness, and makes His Signs clear to mankind: That they may celebrate His praise.”
    ‘Surah Al-Baqara, Verse 221:’

    For this reason, relationship (love) across religious Barrier is doom!

    Islam permits universal brotherhood with non muslims but not a martal bond.

  9. seemih

    Don’t be ruled by your emotions, that comes and go(not constant), instead let God’s words and instructions therein rule you (which is constant). He wants the best for you, wait on His directions, He will surely lead you aright.
    So my advice for the Christian is to simply follow what the Bible says DO NOT BE UNEQUALLY YOKED TOGETHER WITH UNBELIEVERS (2Corithians 6:14). In as much as we are to love one another, the yoking (in this case marriage or anything that has to do with that) has to be equal, God would help you through it all…. and like the other commenter said, E GET WHY.

  10. certified

    I’ve never really been the type that carries religion matters on my head since I became older. When I was young I was educated to the fullest about my religion and was committed. But growing up in multiple places and being in a house where one of my parent converted for the other and the convertee isnt all that committed to the new or old religion, I adopted the idea that religion isn’t really all that (this is my own personal opinion). As I am now, some can say I don’t have a religion lol, but that doesn’t mean I hate or I’m against people in religion. So long story short, if the person I fall for doesn’t mind my ideologies I’m ok with whatever religion the person may be and our children can be brought up how the person see fits. And if later I become religious again, I still wouldn’t bother about religious differences, cause I’m sure I was aware of the difference before I fell for the person

  11. Olusurefunmi

    Religion has actually contributed to the trifles, despondency and confusion the World is facing today!

    It’s okay to say that a human man cannot get married to a female dog. But the doctrines and dogma of religion has hitherto made earthmen to think of themselves as different species on earth today.

    The belief in the existence of God is irrefutable, but religion has been a trouble maker in the scene, it’s only like tinted glasses of different hues, it’ll only cause confusion nothing more! That tint or the whole glass should be taken to oblivion! Then the views of the whole human race will be as one when it comes to the Godhead.

    So, why can’t humanity drop religion and face spirituality in the purest sense!

    1. certified

      Thank you. Likeeeeeeeee so many divisions and segregation caused by religion even amongst themselves in the same religion (eg muslims have the suni, the Shia, the izala etc) (christians have the Catholics, the Anglicans, etc, people going to redeem church don’t want to go to christ embassy etc u get what I’m tryna say).
      Even if we manage to over come segregation based on race (racism) and black and white lives matter equally, what of segregation based on religion. There will still be segregation among people of the same race but of different religion.

      1. Olusurefunmi

        The main cause of all these is human himself!
        As a matter of fact, The creator did not command a religion of any kind.
        All these labyrinth was solely created by earthmen themselves! Unfortunately, they will continue to run around a circle, the circle of destruction, of confusion as long as they continue to harbour within them the selfish desire to wield power and the self complacent mentality. All these are the weight their spirit bears!
        So long they don’t drop the load above, they will never be able to see the uselessness of religion.

        Moreso, it’s so heart breaking to see that anywhere you mention the name “GOD” the first thing that pops up in the mind of every average man is the bug with the name religion. Little do they know that it has infected them with the anti – christlikeness. Man must wake up! Before its too late!

  12. Silver

    In my church (either male or female) it’s not allowed to marry someone not of the same faith. So for me there’s no point falling in love for someone I can’t be with. Once I find out you don’t believe in what or on the things I believe in(even if I already have a crush or you’re my spec or something) I focus on not liking the person anymore just the same way people try to focus on forgetting their ex.

  13. Gracebusayomi

    As Christians we are to go preach and baptise in the name of the Lord.
    If as Christian we fall in love with a person of an opposite religion we are call the person to the Lord, show the person the way of the Lord, we are not to force the person to come to God we are only meant to show him to the way of truth and if the person still doesn’t want to convert, just keep trying. The Bible says he who has ear let him hear.
    Just continue loving and telling the message to the person.
    2 Corinthians 6:14. The NIV translation says, “Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?”

  14. muslimahempress06

    Actually, in Islaam, there’re two categories of people
    A. The believers(Muslims)
    B. The disbelievers: This is further divided into two
    Bi. The People of the Book(Jews and Christians)
    Bii. The Idol Worshippers

    It’s forbidden for both gender (male and female) to marry idol worshippers💯

    The males can marry from among the People of the Book, but it has very stringent rules guiding it such as, she must be chaste, she must not be known for waywardness,. But the disadvantages that come with embarking on such is deadly as it might lead that person and his progeny away from the part of Islaam so it is strongly discouraged to marry a Jew or Christian.

    As for the females, it’s forbidden for her to marry both idol worshippers and people of the book.. Why? The man is the shepherd and the head of the home, so a Muslim woman cannot be under a disbelieving husband because it places Islaam at the lower end.

    Occurrences where she falls in love with people of such category, the guy is either to revert to Islaam or they part ways.
    Check Tafseer of Qur’an 61 Vs 9, Qur’an 5 Vs 5 and Qur’an 2 Vs 221 for more information.

  15. Bintabee

    Islamically,a Muslim brother can marry a Christian with the intention of converting her to a Muslim which isn’t always easy. Some might succeed in doing that but the truth is, majority don’t, so it’s better to just put an end to such relationship before it goes deep. Cos sincerely , falling in love across religious divide has left some many homes broken.for example I have a friend now that her mom is a Muslim and her dad is a Christian, she used to go to church with her dad when she was still young but now she suddenly stopped and told her dad she wants to become a Muslim by any means , that’s her own choice o…. now the man thought it was the mom that convinced her then divorced the woman🤷‍♀️ so please prevention is Farr better than cure. it’s better to avoid such relationship than facing the consequences later on.
    And even before the divorce issue came up, it was affecting the girl academically.

  16. JibrilABS

    In Islam it’s actually permissible to fall in love with a christian girl and to even marry her. A muslim man marrying a christian lady is allowed.

    On the contrary, a muslim girl and a christian man in love with each other can only get married if the man converts.

    That’s the ruling.

  17. JibrilABS

    What the 3rd man here was saying that is clearly stated in the Quran is that a muslim whether man or woman cannot marry an idol worshipper, atheist etc. A muslim man can only marry a lady who is muslim, Christan or Jew. These are called ahlul kitab (people of the book) cuz they have books revealed to their prophets by Allah and they believe in the oneness of God (Allah).

    Muslim believe in the prophethoods of Moses and Jesus so they can marry Jews and Christians But they Jews and Xtians don’t believe in the prophethood of Muhammad SAW so they can’t marry muslim ladies.

    I hope that helps.

    Thank you

    1. Seeker

      The modern Christians or Jews are not the Ahlul Kitab’ meant in the Qur’an.

      The Qur’an clearly states that those that say Jisus (christ) the son of marry is God has did ‘kufr’ Q5:72. Literally a person that did kufr is a ‘kaafir’ or ‘mushrik’

      The Qur’an clearly prohibits marrying a kaafir’ in Q2:221

  18. Ayeni Joy

    Christianity is never a religion to begin with so why do I need to convert
    And if peradventure I fall in with a Muslim and the love grows stronger, I will pray for insight and allow God to speak to me and show me what to do… probably he wants me to save the person by calling him unto salvation and making him see the truth about Christ.


    According to the scripture, a Christian (I mean born again) shouldn’t even fall in love, BUT SHOULD LOVE ALL MAN. Although as man, we usually get attracted to women, BUT AS A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN, you shouldn’t allow the emotion to decide, rather cut the emotion off IMMEDIATELY.

    In Christianity(as life and not religion); There’s no room of falling in love with anyone except your wife.

    My answers is based on what we Nigerians know as FALLING IN LOVE.

  20. Boluwatife9779

    I still don’t agree with the fact that Gracebusayosi is calling Muslims “unbelievers”….we all serve one true God either being a Muslim or a Christian so I think the marriage should work….My dad is a Muslim and my mom a Christian and they have been married for almost 22years….I am a muslim but my siblings go to church…its just a matter of understanding and peace BTW the two couples….I don’t think its right to call we the Muslims unbelievers…thats cold….😪😪

  21. Gboega

    Low-key this thing is almost becoming Christian and Muslim love saga(maybe it’s the environment we live in sha). What about traditional worshippers, Hindus, or even atheists🤷.

    Eventually, the answer is simple. Which do you value most, your God or your relationship?

  22. Ona

    It’s funny how Christians take non-christians as unbelievers, Muslims are quick to spit “kafir” to the “unbelievers”, trad worshippers (aka the ones who serve the elements and the spirits that be) think people of other religions are kinda confused with their doctrines, Buddhists believe higher beings don’t exist, hindus? I can’t say anything about those ones. But the bottom line is everyone believes that they know the “truth” behind existence and every other person is lying. No one wants to just live their lives in the best way possible, avoiding trouble, loving all men the same and thinking no evil at all times.
    Religion…is a wonderful strategy to keep humanity at logger heads with each other.
    And to the ones getting romantically involved with people practicing religions other than theirs, I’d say ditch the idea, because “society” will not let you be with the one you love ,in peace…well, unless you have plans of moving away to an island far from human relations.

  23. Abbey

    The thing is, whether Christian or Muslim.
    We are all bunch of confused being.

    I have been following this trend and I’ve seen like 4different believes of Muslims. All of them still believe in their one God but can’t marry each other (Muslim to Muslim ooo). *No wonder we are tagged most religious country in the world*

    Not even talking of Christians that have more than 10 sub-christians. All which can’t also marry from each other. Cele can’t marry redeem, redeem can’t marry Catholic, deeper life will come with their own, Jehovah witness go con top am. . . the list goes on like that. . .

    Let even drop the issue of Christian to Muslim.
    This religion stuff is just to cause problems for the future generation (another topic on it’s own)

    My advice, what ever religion or believe you find yourself, the aim of it is what is Paramount which is LOVE and PEACE.

    Thank you🤝

    Again, we are all just confused. Hate each other for nothing and only understand points only from our own ends.

    May God save us all.

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