Are Societal Pressures harder on men or women?

Societal pressures are expectations that affect the entire community, nation or an organised group of people, like the pressure to get married and have children; the pressure to make money or work harder in order to provide for the family; the pressure of being judged or rejected.

What are your thoughts;
Women or Men, who’s under more pressure in the human society?

Are Societal Pressures harder on men or women?

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  1. 2TooPrecious

    My parents and aunt is telling me I need to have first class CGPA… Because getting into medicine and staying in Medicine is not hard enough…
    I will just do my best that will not over stress me… ๐Ÿšถ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿšถ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ
    Omo see society is a pressure cooker as long as all of us dey inside we go dey receive our fair share although some people receive alot more but it’s not always gender based…

    My personal opinion sha

  2. Ehmee

    Women face more societal pressures than the men. Read along and learn why๐Ÿ˜.

    Women face the pressure of getting married, having a family and raising responsible children while trying to be financially stable at the same time. You won’t see society pressure a man to get married even when he is 35. But once a lady is 25, they’ll start asking, “…when are you bringing him home?”.
    She’ll finally get married, 2 years without a child, they’ll ask “..when are you having a baby?”.
    What happens if the marriage is heading towards divorce? This same society will pressure her into staying in such marriages with the mindset of trying to save her name and her family’s image.

    Let’s talk about the pressure to have a body shape which is considered by society to be ” ideal”. In a quest to be accepted by the society and minimize the body-shaming, so many women spend money to attain this shape by participating in physical, nutritional and surgical procedures which may end up being detrimental to their health.

    But the only societal pressure a man faces is to make money and be successful.
    N/B: I’m not saying men don’t go through other societal pressures, but the most pressures are on the women

  3. Glow

    Who wears the shoes knows where it pains….
    Both Genders Face Pressure at certain Stages in Life..
    Females are pressured into living a godly life to attract the best husband…
    I’m not saying being godly is a bad thing..
    But most times Most young ladies lack the freedom of Self expression Or Even Free will…
    Have u ever seen how women tend to stay in Marriages where they are not happy…??.
    Or lack but emotional and sexual needs??
    The list is long..
    So in order not to be biased, I will say both gender faces pressure in different aspects..

  4. The polygamous bachelor

    Males would buy car for them, be the one to pour water, check tire pressure and basically do all routine checks and maintenance ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. If your dad takes your mum’s car out the fuel guage has to move up on his arrival but the other way round the guage comes down ๐Ÿ˜‚. (This is not to say females don’t buy their cars or do any of those things sha).

  5. The polygamous bachelor

    when it comes to societal pressure I kinda feel females’ own is short lived and a males own is life long. Yes they might be asking when will you get married and have children and all that but once you’re married and have children, society doesn’t really pressure you for anything under normal circumstances. Mind you males get pressured for marriage too but not as much as females and yes financial pressure a very big pressure. According to society I’m supposed to be dropping money every now and then, when my nephew visits he expects something, my sister in law who is a student also expects something, the burial of a relative and that of a relative of my wife I must drop something. Billing left and right while at the same time I’m expected to always be on the run to get to the peak of my career. Society will ask you as a doctor why you chose to be a GP when you could have gone for residency. I must be strong one emotionally (I’m not supposed to show feelings) , I must be this, I must be that. BTW I don’t agree with all societal expectations sha and the question of the gender that faces more pressure is based on the circumstances different people, different realities and different pressures. Some people pressure na atm, some na mmHg, my own na N/mยฒ ๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. Olivia007

    Another angle is, when that same woman gets back from work; while her husband gets time to chill, who’s the family looking up to to
    -prepare dinner
    -help with the kids homework
    -do the laundry
    -clean the house
    -and still set things in motion for the next day?

    Wives wake up earliest, ( go to work, come back home) and still go to bed last๐Ÿคท๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ.

    Let’s not also forget having to balance getting pregnant, having kids, building a career while still maintaining a summer body!

    There’s always something on their matter (asides regular career and professional pursuits common to both genders);
    it’s either they’re menstruating or they’re pregnant, dealing with kids or having family members on their neck for kids, on one side still trying to look sexy, provide love and attention for hubby so they will not say he had to look outside and cheat.

    Wahala no dey finish for woman body!

    If you look well sef, na woman dey suffer pass…but dem just dey brag.

    Because lass lass, all pressure na pressure!

  7. nazif ahmed

    I’m not about to say that men go through more pressures than women despite being a man. What I would say is that the pressures that one goes through is subjective to the person. Gender may play a part but not entirely.

    For example; the pressure on a first child to succeed is nothing compared to that of a last child in a family. The pressure on a child, boy or girl, from a rich family is different from that of a child from a poor one. The pressure on a child from a traditional/religious family is different from that of a family that doesn’t uphold religion and tradition.

    Not to forget, some people translate pressure differently. Some people don’t feel the pressure to get married at all, some ignore it and some are put down by it

  8. Simply_chelsea

    Women have their different societal issues such as marriage, childbirth, submissiveness,being a proper lady,finding it hard to attain possitions of power due to our gender etc
    Whiles men, have to be the provider;sometimes the sole provider, they’re also taught that they can’t show emotions coz it’s a sign of weakness, and that they’re men.

  9. nazif ahmed

    I feel it is necessary to add some of the pressures men experience since most people think it is only about money. So I’ll just write them down and see if anyone can relate.

    THE PRESSURE TO NOT BE AFRAID OF ANYTHING: Let’s not lie to ourselves, everyone has fears, but as a Nigerian man you wouldn’t dare say it outside. I am claustrophobic, I have a serious fear of tight spaces. I almost passed out several times in the lecture hall some years back so I started avoiding classes. But I wouldn’t dare say it. Big man like me???

    THE PRESSURE TO CARRY RESPONSIBILITY: If you are a man, people will look up to you. Especially when you know how to distinguish yourself in small ways. Matter of fact, no matter what you are, so long as you are male people expect you to shoulder responsibility and forget the toll it has on you. Who knows, you might be trying to commit suicide to get away from it but who cares, you are a man.

    BEING A PROVIDER: I will only say this; A man’s value is measured by his ability to put food on the table.

    BEING A LEADER: A lot of men fail at this, and a lot of women are better leaders than men. But if I should lock a group of men and women in a room and ask them to find a way out, the men are more likely to start thinking of a way out before the women do. The men are the ones to bring courage and stability to the group before anything will be done.

    BEING BRAVE AND COURAGEOUS: Let’s be honest; if a thief should enter a house and there is a man and woman, the man would go out there first and take the bullet. But this is often downplayed by society. It is okay for women to not be able to face their fears but for men… No no, not this big man.

    That’s all I have thank you.

  10. topyek

    Both men and women face different societal pressures but women have more expectations placed on them.

    Nowadays both men and women face the pressure to be financially independent and responsible. Men face it more which I’ll attribute to religion but no woman wants to be tagged lazy and gold digger.

    Both genders also face the pressure to get married with the pressure on women starting earlier than for men.

    Men also have to be seen as strong and without emotion. They are also not given space to share abuse unlike women.

    Women face the pressure to not be seen as too successful or opinionated. We’re told to hide or reduce our success or we risk insults.

    The pressure to keep a marriage through thick and thin is also on women like for better or worse applies only to women.

    The burden of raising good children is on women. If a child is successful s/he belongs to the father and if not to the mother.

    Women are also required to be chaste and be the ‘good girl’ so they can find a husband and the same is not placed on men.

    The fact is we can’t avoid societal pressures it’s up to each person to choose how they want it to affect them.

  11. rashsam

    I will drop a quote or statement I encountered during one of my many social media adventures; (paraphrasing) *_Man is only love on the condition that he provides._*

    Maybe we should let that seek-in to understand the societal pressure on males.

  12. Apexx

    Men face societal pressure in many ways… I’ll use questions as instances;

    Which work do you do?… Have you found a partner yet?…. How are you not getting girls?…. Make money fast, make money first so other things will fall in line…. You’re not strong enough…. Be tall to be attractive…. The opposite sex loves this and you aren’t doing this…..

    And alot of pressure under the statement ” *Be a man* “; this entails “always be high on testosterone levels,,,, always bear the physical, emotional, social and financial pain,,, don’t get jealous easily jealousy if your wife’s cheating on you, you’re a man, handle it like a man…… The family problem is your problem….”

    And many more…. I just can’t type all

  13. Abigael

    On the female aspect
    As well all know that females are very vulnerable
    Rape-,if a lady get raped,most times the first question is”what was she wearing”,what time did it happen,and all and at the end of the day,she might even been innocent,even when she is she would still be blamed
    Career-thank God for civilization oooo,before females are considered as just household piece leeme put that way,after all you ll end up in the kitchen๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ at least,we can now venture into different careers now,but still on it,its demanding,pressures from the ones we work with,to engage in sexual immorality for a promotion or to even pass a course

    Marriage-you see that one ehen๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ most times females are more on the loosing edge,if she marries and give birth late,maybe she was promoscious during her youth,if her husband stops dying things unlike before,maybe its his wife,
    Keeping up with the family and career too,pregnancy and the family,building
    responsible children and all,its quite a lot oo

    Okay,on the male side,the society believes they should be strong,with feelings,”be a man”,not always expressing their feelings out,
    Asides that,the financial pressure๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉis out of this world,the pressure to do better,with their career ,be a responsible husband and all..

  14. dharmi

    From my point of view, in these present days oo, men dey suffer o, aswear,
    In the aspect of favouritism these day, let’s not go the marriage now, men face alot of pressure both to get job and at home, you *must* be financially bouyant not to talk of anything else, now to marriage, the pressure/stress a woman face has almost/already become norms in Africa, then after the marriage, some good men do helps their woman to do some certain stuffs at home to reduce the stress, but men, firstly he must be financially bouyant because not having much at hand in d family gan z a pressure on his own because there are alot they have to take care of, younger bros and sis’s z there, relatives siblings frds, they will sure come to ask for help ni sha, family relatives both couples parent, even if not money they will surely come to ask for sumtin from d man that’s certain, he must be able to maintain balance betwn everyone(relatives) he has, he will even be taking precaution of not doing favouritism, he will have hus job at hand, and won’t want his kids and wife to lack anything good, the wife will need attention, his job will need attention, he must maintain balance in that, i think that’s d reason behind some men running away from home, they are too weak to bear the pressure, tho women do run too o, but it’s mostly common among men, leemme say diz in yourba *( ko ese lati je omo okunrin)* z not easy to to be a man, that say no be joke at all, even we gan we be say we still dey come up small small nie, The case z betwn we and God nie, it’s just that women are lousy, they easily express thing unlike men who you wan tell,

    That’s my from my point of view,

    *God help us*๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  15. Okwute

    All this banter sha ๐Ÿ˜…

    Struggle and pressure doesn’t always look at gender, status matters… Age matters. Everybody has the different amount of pressure they experience. From man, to woman to Bobrisky. Money, Marriage, home care, accountability… The pressure is there for everyone. Even Prince Harry was pressured when Megan came into his life.
    Ladies always talking about pressure of marrying early, men get pressured too… They even have to be made before getting married, so there isn’t just a time limit but an income threshold.
    Men complaining about financial pressure, some women are breadwinners sha… So it goes round.
    And just the same way there is pressure sha, there are also benefits.

    1. black

      “… From man, to woman, to BOBRISKY” ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
      Did you just create a new gender?
      What has Earth done to deserve a genius like you? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  16. black

    “Be a man!”
    The very first day these words get said to any male marks his initiation into The Club of Pressurised Beings (TCPB)!๐Ÿ˜‚
    In my opinion, men face more pressure from the society than women do, the society has got a “perfect” image of what a man should be from the very day he is born and he is deemed an “agbala”, in the words of Chinue Achebe, if he doesn’t measure up to those expectations.
    He is expected to shoulder the whole world and not show any signs of stress, not even a little bit of it…
    If he should show emotions, it should be anger and aggression, if he must try to ease his pain, it should be over a bottle of beer…
    He must not cry, he must be the best or be nothing…

  17. TeeJay

    [4/23, 10:27 AM] TeeJay: Hmmm…..we can’t actually say one gender faces more pressure than the other though…the basic pressure faced by the two genders are different.
    Because the pressure males face is mostly to make money. If a woman doesn’t have a job or money you would here people saying stuff like ohh at least she’ll get married’
    That of female is to get married and have babies…If a woman finishes school and is looking for a job you’ll here people be like ‘ just get married now the job will come later or your husband will even open a business for you’
    Sooo…we can’t actually say the degree of pressure is more on one gender.
    [4/23, 10:32 AM] TeeJay: But we can say males face more societal pressure to make money and be successful,
    Female face more societal pressure to have families…

  18. Doctor who

    its definitely females.
    The first societal pressure she faces is being a girl. the trend of having a male child is still very much alive.
    While growing up she is expected to know how to do house chores, cook and maintain the balance with a constant reminder that no man will tolerate them if they lack in even half of these three.
    Let me not even start the issue of child marriage๐Ÿ˜ช
    She grows up and when she reaches a certain age, the question, when are you getting married, will be more to her than the question ‘have you eaten’, that guys send unnecessarily to women’s DM.
    She finall gets married due to the pressure (which is actually the reason most women get married, but we dnt want to go there), she is meant to showcase the talents she was taught at her mother’s house. she’s to clean the house, wash the plates, care for her husband and still provide half the money needed to keep a home.
    Less than two years later, mother-in-law wants to do omugo (carry baby) and failure to conceive a baby is immediately blamed on the woman as she is tagged infertile and even if its the mans fault she covers it up.
    If she gives birth she will have extra work to do and still provide half of what the man does.
    If the man cheats on her, or beats her or maltreats her or refuse to fend for the family, she is still advised to stay because ‘a prostitute is better than a divorced woman’.
    Thank God for feminism sha๐Ÿ˜ช
    If she leaves her husband, she is tagged a failure. a useless product that does not deserve respect. ‘her husband must have chased her away because of her character’ will be her new nickname. out of desperation, because of the notion and rule that men shouldn’t marry divorced women, she either let men use her or she starts lesbianism all in the name of loneliness and slut shaming.
    She is told to suppress her riches to make her husband feel like a man (even tho i think a woman cant make you what you’re not) and if she is visibly richer than her husband, society says she used his head to get riches (as if being a woman means automatically being duller than a man).
    If her husband dies, she is said to have killed him (they must look for a reason) then the come with a truck to take whatever your husband left behind (whether you bought it or not) and then throw you in the streets without caring what happens to you and your children.
    Did i forget to say that society still thinks the gender of a child is from the woman?
    Her children grow up and are supposed to emulate good character and if they turn out bad, the mother is blamed, turn out good, the father is praised. the bible even said so๐Ÿ˜ช
    They say ‘dress the way you should be addressed’ but that motion was made for women. no how a woman dresses, there’s always a group of people that think she should have dressed a certain other way.
    In the case of rape the first thing they ask, what was she wearing. why was she there, why didn’t she say no well. and if she dares come out, she faces shaming from everyone cause automatically a woman is the cause of her rape.
    If she is successful, she slept with a man. society doesn’t want to here nothing and men use that as an opportunity to get their way everytime and if she refuses, gets sacked and tells someone about it they say she is unserious and she’ll earn the name ‘mummy go’
    Even in death some females still suffer. I just learn some days ago a woman couldn’t be buried in her father’s house cause she was divorced and she couldn’t be buried in her husbands house cause her bride price wasn’t paid
    This is but the ones i can remember.

    1. Iyinprecious

      You just said everything I want to say
      Kudos to you

  19. SignificantK

    Good morning Medzone,

    Everybody has his share of the pressure and I can’t think of a scale to measure.

    Seems the women are more pressured you know the domestication and expectations. Or let’s just say male and female face pressure in difference dimensions.
    Even though I hate that females fight 4 d victim tag.
    Come to think of it, the pressures aren’t always bad. On a lighter note now, ask your parents about Somethings in those years while you were growing, na pressure make some guys brush teeth in d morning, I get one cousin na fight we dey fight am to bath. The pressures are useful in their own ways sha. Some of us doing shakara studying medicine now, na flog dem flog dem finish secondary school oo. My point is that sometimes the pressures come in handy when you need something to propel you forward. I like to move at my pace I don’t like being pressurized but sometimes you don’t even have a pace. LOL
    Know when to use your energy ( primary active transport) and know when u need a ride (secondary active transport)

  20. Fiemskeme


    *But however,*

    Nobody speaks of how 50% the pressure women face are caused by other women
    A mother is most likely to mount pressure on her 27 year old daughter who isn’t married.
    She’s most likely to force her 14 year old daughter to do the laundry of the 16 year old son and the younger kids, Shes most likely to slut shame an 18 year old girl who visited a man and got raped.
    No one even talks about how the men who grow up to mount societal pressure on women were raised(spent more) by mothers.

  21. Mogbonjubola

    Ain’t saying this person is wrong the person is not, both genders face societal pressure more than male. At age 14 most mothers will want to boast that their daughters can single handedly do the house chores,get high grades,go to the market to get things,takes very good care of her siblings if possible she should be a nanny to her younger siblings now imagine a child whom her mother doesn’t force to do all these but she is taking things slow so the child will be able to handle things efficiently and will make sure she develop a great interest in what she is doing, how will she feel when her mates boast of the hideous work they handle she will definitely feel like a loser. Also when the lady approaches 25 they will begin to question her about bringing an husband home. Ironically, the same people who restrict or probably are against her going out,having hangout, visiting a friend, be off social media wants her to be indoor all day wants her to get husband pls from where?? Even at school some parents still are at the throat of their daughters. They wants them to be antisocial if possible but funny enough a male child can’t be treated like that

  22. KINRIN Oluwatoyin

    I don’t agree that girls, having to do house chores and cook is a form of pressure. It’s a growth system that must be met.
    When we talk about pressure, it’s mental exertion due to people’s expectations or even one’s own expectations. So it’s not only the society that can pressurize an individual. You can also pressurize yourself when
    1. You are not satisfied with your results with the eyes of unhealthy comparison with others..
    2. When you don’t know what is expected of you at a season of one’s timing by God, thus following the time and schedule/activities of others.
    It’s good to compare for the sake of growth, but not at the expense of one’s mental health.

    So I would say it just depends on the level of pressure, some boys experience more and some girls experience more.
    The environment and belief system of the surrounding of that particular individual is a major factor.

  23. Isaolamide

    My view on whoโ€™s must pressurised
    I belive the two gender face pressure but in different dimensions.

    Most of the things females refer as pressure arenโ€™t pressure but what God has put on them.
    Someone said sheโ€™s pressurised to learn house chores, house chores isnโ€™t any pressure because she need to know it.
    How did she expect her man to love her and not to cheat if she canโ€™t put delicious food on the table?

    Also men, pressure to feed his household isnโ€™t really pressure but what God has put on my shoulder.
    Although it could all be pressure if one couldnโ€™t able to meet all what shouldered on him

    1. dynmaa

      This is part of the pressure we’re talking about.

      What exactly do you mean by “how can she expect her man to love her and not cheat if she can’t put delicious food on the table?”

      So now knowing how to do house chores and cooking is a guarantee that your man will love you and not cheat on you?

      How about when you say a guy should learn those things so that his wife will not cheat on him? How does that sound? Please make it make sense biko

      Please this is gutter behaviour and this mentality is part of Nigeria’s problem if not the world problem.

      Come off this abeg. Get rid of this mindset cos it’s not nice at all.

    2. Cocowriteze

      This person na oponu, no cap and no apologies

      You expect another adult human to cook healthy meal to make you love her, if she cook jazz in the food now, they’ll call her a witch.

      1. Tylenol

        Maddeux !!!๐Ÿ˜‚
        Men love food normally…

        If you don’t love someone that can cook averagely, na person wey dey cook three-square salt you go love???

        1. Cocowriteze

          Chill bro, everyone loves food. Men complain all the time that girls only love them for money, but you think it’s ok that you only love someone if they can cook.


    3. Iyinprecious

      Doing house chores when you don’t want to do it is pressure,when you can easily get a cleaner or cook.
      This sentence”how does she expect a man not to cheat if she can’t cook delicious food” men cheat with or without the food she cooks.
      Doing house chores is just like hygiene. Men and women are supposed to be able to clean up their mess after themselves.
      In a relationship, each spouse has their own responsibility.

      Men are also pressurized.

  24. Hadassah20

    Asin. Biko make it make sense. These days the pressure on women is more. We have to earn a living to support the man, we have to make the house spic and span, we have to ‘put delicious meal on the table’ and then please your husband, then take care of children.

    Kilode!!!! Sho fe kpa eyan ni???
    There is only so much a woman can do

  25. amiguel1

    I think societal pressures are harder on men not as if the pressure on women isn’t bad.
    These social values see men as these strong unbreakable able beings and when a man is unable to keep up with this he is considered a weakling and this tends to affect the man’s mental health.
    This is one of the reasons why mental health in men is usually overlooked and so many men tend to use suicide as a means to escape what they cannot overcome.
    Honestly it is a bad thing that men are unable to talk about their mental health.
    Many men in our country today are going through a lot owing to the pressures and norms put forward by our society.
    Mental health is not a thing to be overlooked but our society has deemed it a felony and an abomination for a man to talk about his mental health because if he does he is not a ‘man’. They say he is weak and won’t be able to take care of himself talk more of raising a family.

  26. maryazeez271

    Actually I think a woman is more pressurized
    Pressure from competing for grade with a male.
    Pressure of wanting to stand equal with peer.
    Pressure of getting married, especially from parent.
    Pressure of child birth by in- law’s
    Pressure of pleasing and satisfying the husband at home.

    Pressure of doing all house chores and still taking care of kids

    Pressure of sourcing other means of finances to support family
    Also pressure of functioning as a wife, mother, daughter,sister, daughter and even the wise intermediary between the husband and his family.

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