I use 7 or more pieces of pads per day while menstruating

I started menstruating at a young age, age 9 to be precise, I was still in jss1 then and I’m 19 years old now.
Menstruation hasn’t been easy since then, not in terms of menstrual pain but extremely heavy flow. I use like 7 or more pieces of pads per day. Sometimes I skip classes in order to avoid getting stained.
Fast forward to 4 months ago, I consulted a gynaecologist online and explained everything to him. After asking me some necessary questions, he recommended “levofem” for me and since then everything is kind of getting normal. But everything changed last month, this is the fourth week I’ve been menstruating, it started as the usual heavy flow but it is reducing now tho. People who have been seeing me lately are telling me I’ve lost weight.
Menstruating since 9 years old hasn’t really been easy for me. More so, I’ve always been hearing it’s likely I reach menopause at a young age.
Suggestions on what I can do is needed please.


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  1. Lily

    She’s experiencing a menstrual disorder called Menorrhagia which is prolonged and excessive menstruation.

    What she’s complained of is expected of such a drug(oral contraceptive). The four weeks long passage of blood per vaginum is not necessarily menstruation but spotting, which is one the likely side effects of the drug.

    I would advise her to see a specialist live with whom thorough assessment and tests would be carried out.

    But for the mean time, she should not take with levity the weight loss she’s experiencing as she’s also at risk of developing aneamia (if it hasn’t set in already)

    She should eat food rich in fruits and green vegetables, take plenty of water,
    take iron supplements, in as much as this is not easy, she should embrace this unique aspect of herself and learn to cope and live with optimally.

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