Plot of Sgt. Mustapha: The Fallen Hero

What would you do if you were in Farouq’s shoes?

Big question: What would you do if you were in Farouq's shoes?

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  1. Nifeey

    I wouldn’t have killed mustapha, but look for my own wife and leave omolola for him.

  2. Adywap11

    Actually, at first anger would loom in my heart but as time goes on it would pass.At the scene different thought would go through my mind but I believe even Allah/God forgives us,who are we then..As it is rightly said “The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.” So I will just let it go and helped him out in the close to death situation..

  3. Anat Law

    Well, since Omotola is aware I’m now alive, she has to make a decision either to continue with Mustapha my friend or come back to me. But if she decides to continue her engagement with Mustapha, then I’ll move on. I believe God has another prettier ‘Omotola’ out there. So, I wouldn’t kill Mustapha, my friend.

  4. Ydennek

    Although it was extremely painful to see the love of my life get married to my supposed best friend, I would not have killed him…in time of war or none. Instead, I’d pick the remaining pieces of my life and live every other second, erasing their – Mustapha & Omolola – memories from my heart. And at the war scene, I’d probably have left him to his fate…and seek a way out for me.

  5. Chizzy

    Honestly the feelings of anger, heartbreak and betrayal often supercedes forgiveness but we as humans need to learn how to forgive after all no matter how difficult it may seem. As farouq I would forgive mustapha after all he was deceived by the news of my supposed’s not like he engaged omolola knowing that I am alive… Killing him was not worth it

  6. oteroghogho

    Killing Mustapha wouldn’t be in the option…… I’d have moved on

    Get a grip….a new life,a new miss

  7. omotola

    If I were in farouq’s shoe I would forgive and help mustapha…killing him was not right in anyway..

  8. omotola

    In fact there are many women out there to marry…..that guilt of killing mustapha will continue to haunt him

  9. Chris

    Farouq from the story went too far……If I were in his shoe, I won’t just keep quiet and die in silence in order to commit an unbearable act towards my partner that betrayed me, I will confront Mustapha and pour out my disappointments to his face and a lot of things will change between us. Then Omotola on the other hand is not aware that am still alive so her decision was based on what she knew that is best for her…. Killing My friend is a not a suitable solution to this misunderstanding and I can’t live with such mistake ……..

  10. Bethylizzy

    I’ve watched a film like this before but the main guy didn’t kill his friend. Well if I was the one I would be really angry that she didn’t even see my body and she assumed that I’ve died. But I can’t blame her, how many bodies does she want to search. From the way I look at it she loved Mustapha because he was funny and from what I read I assume he was also a kind man but I would have never killed him. One because I won’t be able to have peace of mind and two, if my wife knows one day that I killed her fiance how would she look at me? Would she ever be happy?
    So if I was farouq, I would move on and marry someone else. At first it will hurt seeing the love of my life with my best friend but I would look on the brighter side because if I truly love her, I would want to see her happy.

  11. realpaulkolawole

    I would let it go though its easier said. She probably wasn’t meant for me. Life is short, I’ll forgive and move on. It’s love and light 💡

  12. Mayor

    I Must say, having your girl taken from you by your best friend can be quite painful.

    But if I am Farouq, I won’t kill my best friend (former best friend). I will make sure we are both safe then after the mission is over,I will request to be transferred to a state where I will never meet with Mustapha in the next decade.

    Or probably leave the Military and begin a life outside the barracks.

  13. Jey

    Forgiveness is key and understanding a thing like this is very important.
    The egoistic desire of the human nature was not the trigger for Mustafa’s decision and action.
    You see, mustafa saw a vacuum in omolola’s life and he decided to fill it because to an extent he is in the best position to do a thing like that ( he has a glimpse of who she is..)
    Farouq fail to understand that forgiveness is key and this triggered anger and hatred, which eventually took muatafa’s life.
    Life can sometimes be unfair.
    Life will always try to cheat you.
    Life will always try to deny you the right to that which rightfully belong to you.
    Life will always present to you 1001 reasons to be sad and unhappy.
    The world will always give you reasons to cry, but irrespective of what you are passing through always have a reason to smile.
    So if I was farouq, I will forgive, forget and move on.

  14. Faithful

    If I were Farouq , I would have talked to my girlfriend and explain everything to her. If she doesn’t seem to reason with me. I would moved on. I cannot force her.
    Although, moving on would be tough but it would be the best option.
    My girlfriend has already moved on, she heard I was dead.
    And if I really do love her. I’d do what makes her happy.

  15. Silver

    If I was in Farouq’s shoes, I’d first tell them(Omolola and Mustapha) how hurt I feel by their betrayal. Then I’d go for therapy where I would learn to forgive them, also, I could probably learn to be happy for their relationship. If I can’t learn to be happy for their relationship I’d try to stay away as much as possible then remove Mustapha from friend zone to professional colleague zone.

    There are so many other persons I can love deeply than commit murder for one person that couldn’t even try to check up on me and be so sure there’s no hope of finding me before moving on with her life


    If I were the one, I wouldn’t have killed my best friend (Mustapha) at least for old times sake, rather I would give my lover (Omolola) the chance to choose between me or him, love is a choice, it cannot be forced, I would ask myself if she would be happy with me.
    She agreeing to marry me after I had killed my friend means that, she either didn’t truly love me or my friend, rather she used one of us to fill her void.

    1. Ridwan

      Sincerely that’s the truth “agreeing to marry me after I had killed my friend means that she either didn’t truly love me or my friend, rather she used one of us to fill her void”. I will not killed my friend but will voice out to both of them how disappointed I am. And if she wish to continue with my friend that’s her choice but i will make sure I leave the environment where both of them are, to allow peace to reign

  17. King_boy

    Life has ceased from being a bed of roses since the failure of the first man. It is in the heart of men to pay evil with evil, but not in heart of God.

    What am trying to say is that, I will pay mustapha back for taking the love of my life but never with death. I strongly believe that no wrong deeds worth taking someone’s life. However, I would have devise a means to bring back the love omolola had for me, because that alone will destroy their marriage and perhaps the marriage won’t hold.

  18. Professor

    Although I will be severly bittered, I would still let peace reign. The person in concern is Omolola, whoever she finally decides to live her life with as a partner, is entirely her choice after all it’s her life right? After that life continues, if her choice is in my favor, good, if it isn’t I will find another love to be with.
    The case of killing my friend for a woman is one I don’t, and in any standard agree with. I mean, how will you live a happy life with a woman, you killed someone to be with. That’s my take on this matter, thanks.

  19. Tawakalt

    If it was meant to be it would definitely be
    I would forgive Mustapha and move on

  20. holfizzy

    I will not kill mustapha, it is really painful and regretting loosing a love one and your partner to another person, makes you feel like a loser.

    If I were to be farouq, I’d just try as much as possible to leave the Army, save up and travel out so as to leave Nigeria to start a new life and try as much as possible to forget about Mustapha and Omolola, probably visiting a therapist might help.

  21. debbie awosika

    Well I wouldn’t kill Mustapha if I was in his shoes….I would rather wish a happy life for them even if its going to be hard and find a better “Omotola”

  22. Jennyfa

    From this story … I’m gonna try to view it from both sides….

    Firstly, mustapha is my best friend and he knows fully well that I’m madly in love with omolola.. therefore he should keep his distance with her. Inasmuch as I was posted somewhere far and due to lack of communication and its likes it was rumoured that I was among the dead soldiers…the best thing he would have done was just to console my Lady and still try his possible best to keep his distance from her if not for anything but for the fact that I cherished her so much while I was alive…..

    Then on the part of farouq…on returning from my mission and realizing that my Lady is engaged to my best friend will leave me in a depressed condition because I can’t even hide my pain and heartbreak… killing mustapha is not even supposed to be on my list of what to do to get back my girl or move on with Life…..if I realized that he finds happiness in what he’s doing i.e getting married to my girl and that also my Lady finds happiness in him too, I’ll try my possible best to move on with Life because I believe the real essence of love is finding out that the person you love is very happy with whatever he/she is doing.

    You might end up not getting married or dating someone you think you actually love…but the question is…. does the person find happiness in the current rship or not?..The happiness of someone you truly love is your greatest happiness 😊……


  23. Henry bravo

    I would start with that firstly
    Firstly they are trained soldiers I come to think that soldiers think differently likewise each and everyone of us in our respective job or courses we think differently, but as a whole soldiers think differently from civilians, always ready to die for us or on the verge of dying now for someone like that to find someone or something to love have hope,and truly admire in this case “farouq”that means that thing or someone is extremely unique and very dear his heart,now coming back and that very thing u loved so much,that very thing that gave u more reason to live taken by your “best friend” Is quite arduous to take in,I throw this question to u guys we all talk about forgiveness but let’s say you have an electric heart and u had a spare unique heart which u bought and kept for one year,and your friend also know all the techniques u used to operate it since u do it together and then u travelled your electric heart is down to one percent and because your friend thought u are dead maybe had an accident started using it,then u came back what are u going to do? In this story I blame the two of them the osun girl and most expecially mustapha ( he knew the drills involved because he is also a soldier,I would say he wasn’t contended, I see people comments saying he wanted to fill the voidness or what funny he doesn’t have to fill it anyone can,anyone can,oh because he knows her well right anyone can know her well too. Nw if I was farouq I wouldn’t have killed mustapha because I don’t have the right to take a soul; because I can’t create a human but I would do something unique firstly damn the pain and all that I would cease my friendship with both of them ,take the girl I would leave them and try and find something to create in me,try to put my heart together,who knows I might find something out there ? And once again be loved,because love is built not accidental.

  24. Eucharia

    If I were Farouk, I will let Mustapha and Omolola to marry. Though it will hurt me because I knew I loved her so much. But I will not blame her too much because she thought I was dead and waited for so long too.
    Killing Mustapha will never be an option because I will tell him that I was deeply hurt that he filled my space in her heart but I will still find a place in my heart to forgive them trusting God to give a wife better than Omolola.

  25. toosmartwitN

    I will definitely forgive in any need for much talk.

  26. Barakat

    Communication is key…If I were in his shoes,I would have discussed how I felt with them and I’ll let them know that we should not stay in contact for some time.I’ll lose contact till I’m able to bear the thoughts of them being together…and that’s definitely by moving on…but,I’ll firstly address the issue then,maintaining my stand of putting some distance between us and seeking help where necessary…And I’ll always remind myself that the person I’m choosing over everyone might not choose me over everyone…

  27. Barakat

    Communication is key…If I were in his shoes,I would have discussed how I felt with them and I would make them know I’ll like to lose contact with them till I can bear the thoughts of them being together and that’s definitely after I move on…The first thing is to discuss with them then I’ll lose contact to heal all hard feelings as we know heartbreaks aren’t easy.Then,seek help where necessary

  28. Adesuwa

    I wouldnt have killed mustapha…because it wasnt his fault… He thought i was dead and also no matter what killing should have never been an option… Instead he would have just forgive him and looked for another woman that will love him

  29. Rufyanjr

    At least since he (farooq) cannot forget about his girl mustapha took away from him,You can’t just takeaway someone’s life for whatever reason, love should not be blind to that extend.
    he should hv atlst devise a trick with him since he knew mustapha will want to leave by saying “I will spare u and save you but promise me u will leave her for me when we got out of this situation” .this is if he farouq valued the girl more dan his own uniform,pride and friendship.
    The best is even to save his friend first, when he is recuperating,he should discuss it with him.mustapha might evn consider dat nd leave d girl for him. They are both friends after all. But killing should never be an option. LOVE SHOULD NOT BE BLIND ABEG.

  30. haleemah

    I wouldn’t kill mustapha even if omotola chooses mustapha over me and I won’t try to convince her that she ought to choose me all I will do is move on and let the both of them see that I can survive so they will both regret there decisions.

  31. son_of_zion

    It’s normal for anger and resentment to set in when he discovered….that’s what led to what he did. Buh if it was me sha,I wouldn’t have subscribed to killing him cos the pain of feeling bad after killing him is gonna be thru our his lifetime which is obviously worse than saving his life which ain’t worth killing…..tho Mustapha betrayed him buh he shouldn’t repay evil with evil….nemesis would’ve caught up with him sooner or later. So….I would’ve helped him and left him to himself with efforts to not let the situation take the better of me😊😊

  32. Kween

    Farouq was broken,he felt betrayed that the one he loved was taken away by his best friend since they all thought he had died even omolola couldn’t do anything since her wedding date has been fixed I think what angered him the more was the fact that he feels his friend bragging about his omolola that he could only think of ways to get rid of him as his solution to getting back to omolola …… During the supposed war they both went for he didn’t even consider the fact that his Friend helped him even when they were both injured or consider for a fact that he was his bestfriend he only thought of omolola.
    If I was in farouq shoes I wouldn’t have killed mustapha at all I would only try to talk to mustapha (since only he knows my feelings for her) telling him to consider me and also talk to omolola that even she truly loves me she should end her marriage with mustapha and if she does not, it would hurt but my only option would be to leave her for him.
    I also feel omolola is at fault I mean she only went and ended up marrying the man that was alive I mean what if they had also lied about mustapha death like d way they did to farouq so she would still marry farouq then mustapha would have also come back disappointed
    Just my thoughts though, I love the story btw

  33. Hafiz

    If I was in farouqs shoe what I will do is leave everything in the hand of Allah because Allah said when something is destined to be yours no matter the time, situation or any hurdle it will surely be yours and be patient indeed he is together with those who are.who knows may be mustapha might bleed to death which is a win for him and a sighn that the lady is destined to be his.

  34. Bright

    If I was in Farouq shoes, I wouldn’t have killed him, if he didn’t kill me at my return from the assignment, he obviously dont have any reason to kill me thereafter so I won’t kill him. I will get so close to him and ex communicate Omolola to make her feel the burden she has invoked on me, and I’d move on.

  35. Dr.Dragon spine

    Mustapha would have died anyway. I think farouq just wanted to end his friends suffering. If I were farouq I wouldn’t have done anything different. I would end my friends suffering and marry my girl because I’ve loved for 36+months.

  36. Bami

    If i were to be in Farouq’s shoes, anger… Hate… Hurt are emotions that inevitable in a situation like that. But i would understand that destiny cannot be changed. What is meant to be, will be. If omotola is truly mine, fate will make it happen, one way or the other. If it doesnt happen, then she is not mine. So killing mustapha is not an option. It will take a while for me to forgive him but eventually i will.

  37. drwaters

    Thank you so much guys!!!
    I am glad that my story spiked sof many reactions. I know that this story is controversial and it serves to reveal people’say opinions on love and relationships

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