Is He Dyslexic 3°?

(Part 3)
(The Treatment)

“Dear, I think I should spend more time with Tife on Saturdays so as to ensure he is reading properly. Most times during the week, I get too stressed out for that. What do you think?” Mrs Davies mentioned to her husband. “Yes, that’s a good suggestion. I was actually thinking of getting him a private tutor,” He replied. “No o, his teachers in school, from my observations, seem to be frustrated with putting too much attention to help our son develop his learning abilities, is it now an ordinary lesson teacher that will handle him. I am not saying a private tutor is bad but I want to monitor my son properly. He feels safer around me and very attentive. Please dear let’s do this for me and for our son,” Mrs Davies said to her husband. “Okay, that’s fine by me, we all want the best for our son and we will do all it takes,” Mr Davies replied. “May God see us through,” Mr Davies added. They both replied saying, “Amen.”

His mother always made sure he completed every assignment, she read with him and explained certain topics that were taught in school in a simplified manner. He never had a problem with speaking up when he didn’t get any explanation clearly. His mother always gave him a listening ear. When he errs in pronunciations or writings she made fun of him but still corrected him with so much love.

Tife’s frequent gloomy countenance began to fade away gradually as he found it easier to read with his mum. At times, he consults textbooks for deeper understanding, something he never does and if he doesn’t clearly understand the topic, his mother’s attention isn’t far fetched; she was always around for him. His mother made sure she finishes the laundry, cooking and any house chores before Tife gets back from school so as to concentrate fully on him, just as the doctor advised. Now, his teachers in school find it easier to fan the flames of excellence from him.

Few months later, Tife started picking up; from last position in class, he became among the first five top students in class. and he was also the best in 2 subjects; English and Mathematics.

Tife started studying harder even when his mum wasn’t supervising him. He watched TV less during school days but had all the time to watch his favorite debate TV show during mid-term breaks; his watching the debate TV show, made him learn new words faster and pronounce certain words better. He also began writing beautiful stories.

Tife’s outstanding performance grew so much that he began having friends unlike before; other students started admiring him and wanting to be like him. Teachers began using him as an example of a student who is hardworking, active and willing to learn. It was a different story for Tife as Mrs Badejo came out before the entire school during Monday’s morning assembly to announce that Tife has been selected as one of the students to represent the school in an inter-school debate competition organized by the local government. The whole school applauded him for this stepping stone to lifting the banner of excellence of the school high.

The day of the competition came, the topic was: Social media does more harm than good. Stars of success academy which is Tife’s school was to oppose the motion and Tife was appointed as the chief speaker. Debating is something that Tife loves doing the most therefore, he displayed excellence in his speech tone, how he raised his points, his captivating gestures and awesome boldness. The judges were so marvelled at how outstanding he was. At the end of the competition, he was awarded with a cash price of ten thousand naira as the best debater and his school came first.

Tife really burst the bubbles of so many people when the common entrance result of The Champions International High School was released.

“It’s a lie!” Mrs Davies exclaimed. “Tife scored 90 what?” She said with tears of joy rolling down her cheek. “95% in his common entrance exam” Mr Davies broke the news to his wife once more. Tife!!! His dad called out his name with so much joy. Tife came out from the kitchen where he was washing the dirty dishes, it was a sunny saturday. Tife replied saying, “Yes dad, you called me.” “Yes my boy,” come and sit down, he replied with a smile. Tife sat next to his father. His father placed his hands over his son’s shoulder and asked; “how would someone who scored the highest in an examination feel? Tife chuckled and replied; “I have been in that position not once, not twice and I know how wonderful it feels; it makes me feel honored, all thanks to you and my amazing mother.” You are welcome my boy, his dad commented.

“So guess what landed today’s afternoon?” Mr Davies asked his son. “I don’t know daddy, you know I don’t like suspense tell me what landed.” “Your result!!!” His dad said with so much happiness. “Which result?” Tife asked. “Which other one?” His dad asked. “Oh! My common entrance, what about it dad. “What did I score?” Tife asked in a pressurizing manner while his mum kept on smiling uncontrollably to the extent that her cheek began to ache.

“95%, His dad shouted.” “It’s a lie!!! Tife said, this time his eyes were very teary. “Exactly what I said ọkọ mi (my beloved), his mum commented with a smile. “Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! Thank you my God!” Tife began to say with his kneels on the floor and his hands in the air as tears began to flow out of his eyes.

Mr and Mrs Davies joined him and from thanksgiving to singing praises it ended in prayers.

After the prayers, Tife went to continue washing the dishes in the kitchen. Mr and Mrs Davies were still in the sitting room talking about the good news and how it will be celebrated. “Boluwatife; the will of God,” Mr Davies uttered. “Yes dear, that’s the meaning of his name, hmmm truly all that’s about our child is the will of God,” Mrs Davies said to her husband. They lifted their hands up in the air and gave glory to God.

The End


Written by
Eberechukwu John
University of Lagos, Lagos State, NIGERIA

Is he dyslexic?

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