A Short Story about Gratitude, Passion and Consistency of a medical student (PART ONE)

A Short Story about Gratitude, Passion and Consistency of a medical student (PART ONE)

I started my medical journey far back in 2014. I wasn’t always in medicine. I had to strive and fight to get where I am Today.
I wasn’t always bright, lols😂😂 am not saying I am now though, but I try my best. I surround myself with fighters like myself. Individuals who are humble, less prideful and patient set of humans than your usual medical students.
I don’t segregate departments. I have never segregated individuals from other departments especially since I have been there. Few people consider me to be pompous, although that certainly isn’t True.
Life’s not been fair to me. Things that comes easy for most people doesn’t always come easy for me; One of such things are knowledge and a high IQ. But one thing has remained with me from birth till date and that’s determination.
I am a goal setter. Once I set a task, I try my possible best to accomplish it. This character have brought me admiration from a lot of people as well as hate. When you are determined, you let go of less important things. I mean when you set a goal for yourself, and you truly want to accomplish it, you forgo alot.
As students, what’s most valuable to you; Your studies, sexual relationship, family, a social life or building a future for yourselves?.
For me it has always been building a future for myself. They are thousands out there with certificates and degrees, may even run into millions who have graduated from higher institutions possibly with very good grades yet no jobs. Some of them even doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, medical laboratory scientists, optometrist and numerous allied health professionals. Still what’s worth doing us worth doing well.
At every point or stage in life, when you invest in something or study something, you should invest yourselves too in that activity. Yes, fully invest yourselves.
How do you accomplish this?
Through Gratitude, Passion and Consistency.
Gratitude means to be grateful and thankful for the little you have. It means contentment fuelled with and by hunger. Passion means determination and discipline. It means consistency. All three words put together means everything.
The only way to accomplish that which you desire is to discipline yourself. To discipline yourself is to form or develop a habit. Developing a habit isn’t easy that’s why you need to be grateful, passionate and consistent in everything you do. By repeating an action over and over again, you consciously become aware of it and soon it becomes a habit.

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    This is very inspiring
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    This is inspiring!!!


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    I love this
    That never give up spirit

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