Leukemia (Review)

Amos has leukemia. Even though his White Blood Cell count is abnormally high, Amos is prone to severe infections, bleeding and anemia.


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  1. Esqo

    Leukemia is cancer of the blood which literally means cancer of the blood cells.
    In the case of Amos, he most likely has Acute Leukemia which maybe Acute Myeloid Leukemia, or other acute leukemia conditions that cause abnormally high proliferation of immature WBCs called blasts( they can’t perform immunological functions) that can’t fight infections.
    This abnormal proliferation of WBCs overcrowds the bone marrow which leads to very low production of RBCs(causing Anaemia) and platelets (which causes the bleeding due to inability to cause blood clot)

  2. Mahmud Idris

    People with leukaemia are at risk of having infection despite the large amount of wbc in the bone marrow and the peripheral blood, this is because the vast majority of the wbc being produce by the bone marrow are blast form which are mostly immature and cannot carry out the major function i.e fighting against infection, hence making the individual susceptible to infections

    Also they are at risk of recurrent bleeding from gums, nostrils etc because of the effect of thrombocytopenia (decreased platelet count) which occur because of large amount of compacted wbc produced by the marrow thereby preventing the formation of other blood cell components like RBC and platelet which all account for the anemia and bleeding manifesting in patient with leukaemia.

  3. Steph Nora

    Amos has leukemia that is his white blood cell count is probably above one million and the bone marrow is responsible for production of the blood cells, so it means the bone marrow is producing WBCs at a very high rate leaving room for low production of RBCs which could lead to anemia and also low production of platelets, which could lead to inability of the blood to clot, hence bleeding.

  4. Tylenol

    Leukemia will affect production of RBCs in bone marrow leading to aplastic anemia….
    Megakaryocytes production too are affected leading to thrombocytopenia which leads to bleeding in Amos because clotting can’t occur properly…

    In leukemia, hematopoietic stem cells will be producing WBCs at a malignant rate and commited stem cells involved in erythropoiesis and platelets formation will be reduced…

    In short, the function of bone marrow is compromised…
    More abnormal WBCs, low RBCs and platelets

  5. yvvag

    Leukemia is a blood disorder orr cancer caused by a rise in wbc,those wbc overshadow the the RBC and platelets that is also essential to keep the body healthy.Stress reaction and certain drugs,especially steroids can lead to the increase in WBC count

  6. charles rita

    He has a high white blood cells count mainly composed of malignant cells which lack the ability to fight off infections the way normal cells would.
    Bleeding is usually due to thrombocytopenia( low platelets counts) and anemia is due to low red blood cell count. These occur because of the infiltration of the bone marrow by these leukemic cells affecting adequate production of platelets and red blood cells.

  7. DlamaTheGreat

    The leukemia, leads to Abnormally high white blood cells.
    These excess production of WBC impairs on RBC and megakaryocyte(precursor to Platelets) production causing decrease RBC leading to anemia. And also decrease in platelet.

    The excess WBC also releases chemicals that cause Disseminated Intravascular clotting , this leads to decrease in platelet levels, leading to bleeding.

  8. Tolulope

    In leukemia there is increase in d number of leukemic cells(immature cells) and also some WBC present can not function lyk normal white blood cell…so they won’t be able to fight infection….
    Anemia;due too this condition there is decrease in number of hematopoietic stem cell and some times there is accumulation of fibrous tissue in d bone marrow, decreasing d ability of d bone marrow to produce red blood cells…
    Bleeding occur due to low count of platelet as a result of myelofibrosis, this also can lead to anemia……

  9. Haruna Maina

    Cancer cells aren’t “trust worthy and functional cells” the abnormal high WBC aren’t “good/to-go” to protect against infections and therefore it means he’s susceptible to infections. 😁😁😁

  10. Haruna Maina

    Due to the increase in production of WBC, it depresses the production of RBC and platelets and depresses the marrow. Hence anemia and bleeding … 😁 feels like I’m answering an external examiner

  11. Joanne

    Amos’ leukemia is caused by the production of an abnormally high number of immature white blood cell by his hemopoietic tissue(bone marrow).

    He is prone to severe infection because these white blood cells are immature and cannot carry out the fight against infection.

    He is also prone to bleeding because abnormality of the bone marrow has allowed for only the production of immature white blood cells and prevented the production of other formed elements of the blood like the platelet and the red blood cells.

  12. David C

    The answer to this question is that the White Blood Cells being produced isn’t matured hence they cannot carry out their function of fighting infections hence Amos is prone to infections.
    It can also be a disorder affecting the pluripotent hematopoietic stem cell so that there is decreased production and or maturation of RBC, WBC and Platelets giving rise to anaemia, infections and bleeding.

    I stand to be corrected🤲

  13. Derasmart

    Elevated white blood cell is a sign of septicemia, in Amos’s case;

    Firstly leukemia is a cancer of the blood mostly affecting the bone marrow and white blood cell production.

    Eg in CLL ( chronic lymphocytic leukemia) there is problem with the production of white blood cells which fight against infection making the individual immunosuppressed. By this with an attempt to regulate the normal WBC in a negative feedback mechanism the bone marrow increases it’s function to produce more white blood cells now the problem is that the white blood cells produced became very high but are immature as such cannot provide the functions of a mature WBC. They die easily and the individual keep having recurrent infection as the body natural defence mechanism is impaired.

    Due to the excess production of WBC, the production of RBC and palate is reduced
    Thereby causing anemia and bleeding

  14. aytunes

    It is basically a clonal disorder of the white cells characterized by accumulation of immature white cells (acute) or mature looking (chronic) in the marrow with subsequent spillage into the peripheral blood.
    There is bone marrow suppression which results in anemia and bleeding. There is recurrent infections due to lack of function of the white cells

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