Intrusive Thinking

So once or twice in a month I get to have this kind of feeling. Like I get so pissed about everything.  One thing here is I’m very sensitive and I try to level it but I keep on thinking so deep about little things.

I keep on freaking out. Now this is the second time in this month of August I’ve been feeling this way and if anyone shouts or just do anything I cry. It’s so painful because I want to stop feeling weak but I can’t help it.

Then I expect my boyfriend to be the one to calm me down and give me words of encouragement but instead he’s not doing anything, so I sent an offline message to him that I want a break that I need to get myself. The thing is I find it so hard to stop thinking so much about things said to me either good or bad.

I don’t just know.

It hurts so much.

Intrusive thoughts

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  1. Bello

    You have something disturbing you underneath,and you can conquer it by staying focused and engaged on something you really enjoy doing,such as reading, music and many more.

  2. Little Ifrit

    They tell me it’s a phase, but for some reason I don’t think things like this can be outgrown. Doing a hobby whenever you start feeling that way helps… Talking to someone too, it might not always help but sometimes people say unexpected things that can suddenly lift you up.

  3. Gbemisola

    I’m wearing the shoe and I can say I understand a bit what the feeling is like, at some point I had to talk to someone about it also, cause it was weighing me down in ways I couldn’t fathom, especially spiritually and academically, these two things suffered cause physically I’d portray being okay while deep inside I’m not….the solution I found was actually examining myself, thorough examination of yourself first, what actually is happening to me? Why do I always feel this way? And I got to know with time but I didn’t get it all at once, along side this thorough check I also spoke to someone that I could trust I got to know it was another form of depression, I’m so sorry I forgot the term used for it, so yeah I got to find out I wasn’t satisfied with the things that were around me, they weren’t making me happy enough to not worry or freak out at the slightest issues, I’d have you know I am an over thinker even to infinitesimal issues, and it’s disturbing. My suggestion here is this, you should check yourself this way and find out the things that triggers the freaking out and stay away totally, even if it is friends, anything it might be, don’t try to please anyone but yourself but don’t ignore people’s feelings either that would be disrespectful. You’ve to make yourself happy and this way you wouldn’t have to think so much and it takes the pain away and surely focus on becoming the best version of yourself,do it while being happy… works trust me. Focus on yourself girl and do what’s best for you.
    Oluwa is involved 😊

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