If you can give me only one tip to improve my life, what would it be?

What is one piece of simple advice that will change my life?

one piece of simple advice that will change my life?

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  1. ayinla

    Read hard, struggle hard and pray harder

  2. Adeyemi Israel

    Pray always and Trust the process

  3. Usaamah

    In this life in anything you are doing put God first and use your time wisely and smartly and if you want to attain anything apply the PHD formula
    P–>Be Prayerful
    H–>Be Hard working

  4. Israel Guembe

    My advice would be try your best and take responsibility for the results, there’s no “God” that’s gonna do that for you

  5. Bethylizzy

    Just because you want to be on top shouldn’t give you any reason to pull anyone down. Be good to others and also to yourself. That’s the simple way to live

  6. ms_annie

    Always go with the right mindset and watch your circle of influence because you can never grow beyond that. Your inward will always reflect on the outward.
    No wonder the bible encourages us in Phil 4:8 to meditate on whatever things that are true, pure, lovely, and of good report.
    We should purge ourselves of negative thought, because truely, from our thoughts desires are birthed and when the desire becomes so much it produces an action and so on.
    You are capable of creating that life, world you want.
    Negativity takes from you, it would not let you see that light but being positive adds to you. It’s free!

    Be positive always!

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