Examination Malpractice

Examination malpractice is any deliberate wrong or illegal action by a student or group of students that contravenes the rules of examinations designed to give the student(s) an unfair advantage over others.
It could be in the form of impersonation, smuggling of exam related materials into the hall, giraffing, collusion, Student-Teacher bribing,  etc.
What are your thoughts about examination malpractices?
Examination malpractice is any deliberate wrong or illegal action by a student or group of students that contravenes the rules of examinations designed to give the student(s) an unfair advantage over others. It could be in the form of impersonation, smuggling of exam related materials into the hall, giraffing, collusion, Student-Teacher bribing,  etc. What are your thoughts about examination malpractices?  

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  1. Ruby Genesis

    Because in Nigeria itself don’t value education, they do not give jobs according to how your grades are but through connection, making those who doesn’t merit it have the important jobs n those who merit it work deaminating jobs. So when u see this u re just like what is the need to suffer and read and not be able to eat the fruit of ur labor, so most student result to malpractice and use that time supposed to read to maybe do yahoo or one internet business

  2. saleemango

    I had wanted not to participate 😂 in this context of Exam malpractice Saga but I’m just getting intimidated.. Behind every motive there is always a reason..There are causes, effects as well as solutions…First of all
    1. Mindset- Our mindset towards something determines how well we do it
    2. Lackadaisical attitude towards learning- we all want to achieve higher grades but we are not working hard enough to get it, so we devise ways by hook or by crook 🪝 to achieve it and this lead to malpractice
    3. Poor Background etc and fear of intimidation…
    4. Poor management,poor salary scale, untrained teaching staff and inadequate instructional materials etc
    1.Production of Quack or quassi educationalist
    2. It leads to Bribery and corruption
    3. Bad governance and Selfish leaders to mention but a few
    4. Invalidity of Certificates
    -Changing the mindset
    -Promotion of teachers based on years of experience
    -Good Salary scale ⚖️
    – provisions of good instructional materials and conducive atmosphere for learning…To mention but a few…
    *I stand to be corrected* 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  3. Dikachi

    Well to me I think collusion and giraffing is not illegal cos it’s not like you took something inside the hall or anything like that….what I will advice is that it’s better you go into the hall and ask your coursemate than to carry anything illegal into the examination hall, funny enough when you carry something inside and you are caught you will be expelled or even suspended but when you ask in the hall (most times I do it especially when I cramp a particular definition, it helps me remember what I read) the only punishment they will give might be to stand up or collect script and return later..I hope what I said made sense..I guess😒

    1. Spitfire

      Any thing that violates the examination rule is EXAMINATION MALPRACTICE.

      If the invigilator has to tell you to stand up as PUNISHMENT for doing something, that means that thing goes against the laid down rules for that particular exam…and no matter how we Polish it by calling it euphemistic names such as giraffing and ‘just asking friends’, malpractice is malpractice.
      Just said to put that out there.

  4. Muhammad_L

    Some do it out of Desperation
    Some do it for the adrenaline rush
    Some could be coerced by friends or bullied into giving out answers
    these are the main reasons I’ve seen over the years

  5. oyedepo Grace

    I feel people that cheat do not believe in themselves. They don’t believe they can read and write that exam successfully. Most times people feel that even if they read they’ll not pass so they end up not reading and end up cheating in the exam hall. The best way to survive this med school is to do your best by reading and leaving the rest for God because cheating in exams is disastrous.

    1. Kike lomo

      True, I agree that most people that get involved in exam malpractice are insecure about their abilities.
      They feel what they know won’t give them the pass they desire.

      But can we blame them for feeling that way? No, we can’t . The trauma of the past still haunts them. The pain of reading so hard in the past and scoring so little is traumatic enough.

  6. Francesca

    You are regarded a failure, when you don’t pass you are blamed for failing
    If you are successful you will be praised for it🤭🤭🤭🤭
    No one wants to know what happened or why you failed

    No one cares how you did it at the end
    Either you fail or you succeed
    At the end only the successful ones will be praised without knowing the means😊😊😊
    And the the ones that failed are humiliated without knowing why🤷🤷🤷

    So they resort to the option of cheating and making it🥺🥺🥺🥺

  7. natha

    Indulging in malpractice is not something I’ve ever done though….
    I just love the idea of writing out my own. I have been doing that till my last program which was Premedical science. I resumed late for the first semester, I mean two months and two weeks after resumption. I had to cope with the pressure of everything. It was a serious problem for me.

    Exactly a month after, we started our examination. Like I knew I wasn’t going to pass, but I still didn’t do any sort of malpractice. I came out with an average of 51%. I was so sad. I mean I did all this to get medicine and surgery so I can futher in OB/GYN. And now the school shortlisted for medicine and surgery and my name didn’t appear. I got Human Physiology. I am actually not happy. At this point, I wish I had gone against my principle of not indulging in malpractice. But we still move

    So, there are advantages and disadvantages

  8. Ibrahim Sani

    Examination malpractice totally is cruise behavior and anyone who involves in such act totally he doesn’t believe in himself. Because I have testified this during my ijmb program at Ahmadu Bello University, we experienced something the question that has initially sent from the board is not that question that we will be given by that moment a new question will be sent from the board, due to the fact that a leakage of questions has been notice. So many did not pass the program because the solemnly depends on examination malpractice

  9. kolapo olajumoke

    I feel it’s basically as a result of not believing in your capabilities.
    Your hardwork can give you good grades but we still don’t believe in ourselves especially when we just see one or two questions that we don’t know.
    If you trust in yourself and trust in God then there’s really no need to fidget then get involved in malpractice.
    Even if you don’t get straight A’s at least you can confidently boast that you did this all on your own.
    What is bad is bad.
    We all claim Nigeria is corrupt but we all (I inclusive) we’ve been involved in corruption one way or the other.
    But now that I’m more enlightened I dare not cheat.
    Not just because it’s bad it’s because I won’t have peace of mind.
    Even if I pass I won’t be happy because part of my result wasn’t due to my efforts.

  10. SignificantK

    What people don’t know is that the way you do a thing is the way you do many things.
    They think cheating to be just the mere cheating, it’s beyond cheating in exams. It gets deeper to the point of not believing in what one does by himself. You can’t take responsibility for your situation = you’re not in control of your life.
    Maybe some people know their ways, they only cheat to pass, they can still be themselves. It’s all left to the individual. My lecturer once said ‘Some people will cheat their way out of their destiny’.
    Then again some people do not believe in destiny. Whatever! I just think malpractices are unfair to yourself and others and that you’ll pay for it some how.

  11. Ezeh japhet

    The educational system in Nigeria is a total failure malpractice has always been the order of the right from the beginning if a child cannot write primary six exams by him or herself then there is no way they can write any other exam without help or cheating be that as it may our parents are the natural cause of this considering the fact that any child that fails an exam is going to be a never do well in life let’s all be guided malpractice is a sinful act and as such must be treated with scorn and disdain the society frowns at it

  12. Ihsan

    I think students do cheat cos people see it as the only criteria to prove themselves to their parents, teachers, when seeking for a job or so on. From what I observe so far, those that get involved in such practice never get to the top of their class. A way of reducing malpractice I think is appreciating all grades as long as the person tried his best and for the student himself to have a high esteem and believe if there is anyone I want to prove myself to it should be ME!, given that my parents never forced me into having excellent grades; any good grade is OK but for as long as I remember my grades have always been excellent. I know better than anyone else if this result contains my ideas or not. I really don’t feel the satisfaction of passing after writing an idea that isn’t mine in exams or test🤔 something my classmates find silly and weird is the way I don’t accept answers even when given to me😂 I can remember my seatmate once corrected an OBJ question I shade wrong in exams and immediately cleaned it and rewrote what I did before, not that I knew it was correct, but along with my correct answers I also want my paper to contain my mistakes😊
    I find tests as something not only for the teacher to test me, but also for me to test myself. Is also good for someone to be OK with failure and trying again. If you do, you will never find it necessary to participate in exam malpractice

  13. Treasurelove

    I recently wrote 2nd mb
    And I failed oooo because I believed in myself
    When my mum called the dean, he said parents should try and help their kids and that my mum should have done the necessary😒. The necessary he meant was my mum paying for me to pass

  14. Treasurelove

    Medical school has really opened my eyes. Like, you have to hold your God tight. Because apart from the whole money paying
    Other things are involved like a lecturer asking for sex to pass you
    A very close friend of mine that wrote 2nd mb 2 years ago told me what a lecturer asked of her
    The man literally told her to ask her course mates to tell her what they do to pass
    After inquiring it turns out that they have a special hotel they take the students to. This person I’m telling you about is married. So imagine he had the heart to tell a married woman that. A whole lot is going on, and it drives the students into depression. And there is nothing the students can do about it, you either have to dance to their tunes or face the consequences

  15. nazif ahmed

    This happened in my 200 level pre MBBS exam… A lot of people paid for the questions, some had senior colleagues writing for them, some had the lab attendants giving them the answers to the steeple chase. I thought the HODs weren’t aware until a vigilator in the mcq caught a 600 level student writing for someone and the HOD asked them to overlook it

    I’m just glad I was promoted without any issues

  16. nedu

    Exam malpractice should not be an option in medical school because our profession deals mainly with practical aspects so if one starts cheating from the basics what kind of doctor is he or she gonna become?? How would they treat their patients when they don’t have some basic knowledges. It’s better to believe in yourself & God and fail. You can come back better at least you know you did it yourself. Someone who believed in himself and failed can be given a second chance and he could end up becoming far better than his mates who cheated to pass.

  17. Tolux300

    Surely, these things happen, but why hasn’t everybody spoken out calling these colleges out by name.
    Malpractice means that the turnout of unworthy doctors is very high especially if everybody running those schools are involved. Who gains from such a situation? Certainly not the hospitals that employ the quacks and definitely not the patients they treat. So what is the benefit in covering up malpractice if the people who suffer it aren’t even the students anymore.
    This isn’t something that should be kept quiet. Not for any reasonSometimes doing the most atrocious reveals can just be what would save the gangrene in medical colleges. Our standards in Nigeria are not so high that it is an enviable system. What is better than removing dead weight to save the ship

    1. SignificantK

      It might shock you to know that this includes all the schools on NUC list.

  18. David C

    This Topic will continue to trend in the Nigerian Educational System because of it’s failure to make education attractive for students to do it independently.
    Due to the volume of Work that medics do and the fact that you must pass a cutoff to get to the next stage, the way out is examination Malpractice. It’s the Present help in time of need to pass.
    We know it’s not a good habit even tho we don’t see the effect now but for future purposes.
    All the same, there is this feeling when you achieve your success yourself especially when you have planned everything out well, really.
    Another thing is that students most times don’t look at their past academic records. This can curb examination Malpractice cos when you do so (seeing what you have achieved), next semester, you’d plan on how to be better and go all out to improve.
    Joining a Medical TV is a good step to take so Kudos to everyone on MedZone TV !

  19. melgamele

    I really do not support exam malpractice especially in med school…Geez😕 ….i believe constant hard work and diligence and prayers will get you out of medical school with great grades ..i believe exam malpractice is a way of belittling a person’s capacity

    Well I think the problem we have here is our Nigerian parents and the society Because exam is supposed to be a test of knowledge
    Not a comparison site
    It’s the fear of being compared and insulted that make people indulge in exam malpractice
    I understand them but I really don’t support it at all at alll

    I think it’s better to believe in yourself and fail than to do exam malpractice

    Especially in med school

    That’s y we have so many quack doctors 😑

    1. Support

      Believe in yourself and fail – most students wouldn’t want to hear this!
      They will rather indulge in exam malpractice and fail than to rely on their own strength and fail.
      Funny enough, they may go as far as sorting lecturers with huge sums of money and endup still failing. Unfortunately, they’ve nobody to take their pains to or cry out to because what they’ve done is illegal.
      How will they report to the authorities when they would be implicating themselves and the lecturers as well?
      Examination malpractices continues to eat deep into our academic system. The time to curb it is now!

      1. melgamele

        Exactly.. .
        I did jupeb
        An A level programme
        Sooo..when it was time for our final exams
        Rumours were already going round that the question is out
        This and that
        People will say they have seen the questions before the exam and carry the answers inside the exam,carry phone sef..even boasting on it😂….so at the end of everything na… When it was time for result na ….All the people that participated in it got straight F’s😅😓..it was sad oo but I really believe they deserved it .Hard work can never disgrace you .it cantt….Now some of those ppl that have money has entered private universities while the rest are now attending jamb lesson preparing to write jamb😕

      2. George__

        People should stop with the narrative that it’s a Nigerian mentality that promotes the overrating of examinations. When you are still trying to match into a residency abroad and your up against (excuse my mediocre knowledge on te process of matching into a residency but I hope you get the point) 10 other people. Those with the higher grades are easily matched than those that just scaled through.

  20. Steven

    Well in my opinion….

    I don’t accept malpractice neither do i do it but on the other way round you shouldn’t blame all student who does it.,you can blame some.

    1.The nigeria school system is not encouraging:the way some lecturer teach certain courses is outrageous. Even making the toppers look dull. I have an experience in my school where we were doing test and discovered some student were writing in another hall privately with the lecturer jst bcos they paid som amt of money to pass amd lots more.

    The rich students smuggle their way through the exam by paying the lectures

    So what of the poor ones that don’t have such and can’t study for to long what do they do??

    Some re left with no options but to carry phones and materials into the exam hall knowing is 50/50..buh they don’t av a choice

    Although they can choose not… And then fail the course.. Then it comes to prt 2.. Their parents or guardian

    Not all parents accept that oohh…. In as much people pass the course you have no excuse… So what do you do

    Do the malpractice and save your self the trouble from your parents
    Don’t do it and get ready for scandal upon scandals from there

    Like i said i don’t encourage it… Nobody really wants do malpractice but the school system, family nd even friends gave them no option

    So if the school system can change, parents encourage their children when they fail…. There is hope for them

    Thank you

  21. Spitfire

    The need to always find shortcuts is gradually but quickly becoming our undoing.
    Not so many people want to do hard work anymore.

    Also, The belief that nobody appreciates process, only result has also been nothing but misleading.
    Many students believe as long as their result is good, the process does not matter.

    But true success is not only from getting there alone, it’s about HOW you get there as well.
    The happiness that you are successful,legally, without unnecessary illegal shortcuts, with your efforts,… That feeling!! That’s true success.

    Chase it instead.

    Result is temporary, true knowledge is eternal.

  22. Golden surgeon

    I did too once during my ND
    It wasn’t really my idea cos I was one of the top three in my department SLT
    Buh my friends just came together one day and said,”Ayo,we know you’re brilliant and everyone knows buh you see,we don’t even have up to quarter of your intelligence so we’re thinking of bribing the Secretary to give us question paper for all the exams” I was like whatttt? They said yes oo,and if you don’t contribute and we’re later caught,we’d pick you as one of us.. I had no choice so I gave them money but we didn’t take the answers to the hall,we only collect the questions,read at home then write what we remember… The funniest part was that we didn’t get all the courses and they couldn’t write anything for those courses that weren’t given to em,and the ones that we got and read,some of them still forgot and would still ask for answers in the exam hall😂
    But I still regret till today though, I’m not in support of it at all..

  23. Golden surgeon

    I have a question
    “Is telling your friends answers in the exam hall also cheating?” Cos,I do it every time and seldomly, I ask for answers for the one I don’t know sometimes😂…

    1. Niwa Mabel

      It is a malpractice.
      I’m sure you know, cause nothing will justify that.

      Can you defend yourself if you’re cut in such an act?
      There’s more to it.
      More to just telling your friend an answer.
      C’mon, it’s not a group work, guy.

  24. Niwa Mabel

    I really do not support Malpractice fah, especially in Med school.
    It’s MAL practice, you know “BAD practice”

    To avoid complications,
    If you don’t know it, just go for something accommodating, I mean a lower Course considering your brain capability.

    I remember” my mum calling me all sorts of names when I failed my first term in college.😪
    Her words kept ringing in my head and became a pressure,
    Rather than keeping a mind set of malpractice. I built a new me, tho” not favorable but good to an extent of passing exams and flowing well academically.

    I let go of every thing in school just to study (including my hobbies)

    Now, it’s part of me to posses different phase of Life🌝

    As in, when I’m in school, I do nothing outside book (study)
    But when I’m home for break or holidays. I become a different person. I don’t even open my books at home, I just rest, have fun and do vocational Activities. 😪

    It’s really for me a better option than Malpractice.

  25. Niwa Mabel

    Student who have no confidence in themselves on what or how they’ve studied, may develop such intention.
    Which may be triggered by indiscipline.

    Yes, we understand that in Nigeria, examination isn’t a true test of knowledge.
    Cause, there are cases, where we come out with good results and then forget everything we did in that Course, because we actually studied to pass exams and not to gain knowledge.

    Some who studied to gain knowledge may have difficulty in answering exams’ questions, then they’ fail what they actually know🤷‍♀️

    Looking at Nigeria educational system, there’s no enough time to study to know and also study to pass exams, you must choose one😪
    This life no balance sha😂

    But that does not in any way guarantee exam malpractice.

    It’s nice to study, pass exams and then spend the holidays building yourself ( acquiring knowledge).

  26. Nathanmackeans

    Mehn, for religious reasons, I believe it’s a form of dishonesty. No matter how mild it may seem, as long as it’s not something you know yourself, then it’s wrong to say it’s yours on your script. Personally, for many years I don’t copy from my peers or ask questions DURING exams. However, I do allow others copy from me or sometimes show them unwillingly. But when I look at my results, I’m 💯 certain it’s my hard work and nothing more. One advantage of this is that it forces me to cover as much material as possible, because I don’t know what I don’t know. But if I’ve covered the topic at least once, I may have an idea, and that is what I put down.

  27. Michael Agadah

    Well I believe this girl(Angela) doesn’t know that being a Christian is the best thing in the world.

    I am not saying it as a cliche but as FACT. Being morally upright is important and it can take u places.

    This kind of thinking is just due to listening to the wrong people, with your Christianity you can do wonders (no cap). I am a witness😂. I know what it means to be a bad guy, so I can vouch for Christianity anywhere and anytime.

    Use Faith Proclamations (faith filled words), it would do wonders for you. Check it on YouTube

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