NALIKORO,an aspiring student of Medicine

Medicine was a career that I had considered for a long time before I applied.  I have always been fascinated by the intricacies of the human body and was excited by the prospect of lifelong learning.

Why did I choose Medicine?

Firstly, there was a time when my sister was diagnosed with a rare disease i.e cancer, she remained unwell in hospital for weeks. And during my visit, I was inspired by the teamwork of the medical team in providing the best possible holistic care for my sister. In particular, the honesty and integrity of the doctors when they were unable to immediately determine the cause of her being so well. They showed incredible compassion and provided invaluable support to my family throughout this difficult time. In addition, my work experience and volunteering reassured me that Medicine was the right path for me.
Secondly, whenever I visited hospitals, the way I saw patients suffering gave me chills. Some of them didn’t have money to buy drugs, food, etc.  At that time I thought to myself; how I wish I am a doctor, I could have treated them for free.
From that time,  these reasons have become stronger for me. I think i’ve also had a greater realisation of how incredible it is to be there for a patient; to be involved in their care; and to be able to make a difference.
Being a medical student is an incredible privilege. You have the opportunity of getting to know your patients, understanding their prospects in addition to the effects of their illness or injury on their life. Your reasons for choosing medicine are probably very different from mine and that’s ok.
But along the journey, which will be filled with as many obstacles as well as rewards, never forget why you chose medicine.

Always keep in your heart and mind why you chose this amazing career and you will never go wrong.

Hassan Kabir
A Doctor to be

Kaduna State University, Nigeria

Career pathway

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  1. umar_fish

    Allah will surely be your guide, my Friend 💯👏

  2. Gbemisola

    Nice write up.
    Inspiration from medical team, sympathy for patients and others are really good reasons to study medicine.

    Our reasons would help us keep moving and overcome all obstacles.
    May Allah make it easy for everything of us.

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