When I was 12, I woke up one day with an excruciating pain on my abdomen. It became severe that I couldn’t walk straight any longer, forcing myself to walk like a pregnant mother with my hands supporting my abdomen as if it would burst without my aid. “You always behave childish whenever you’re sick. Is it not common stomach pain?” My mother concluded while preparing for her journey.

The pain increased with time. My sister kept her eyes on me, since dad wasn’t around. The sun was already setting when mummy returned and met me in a critical condition. That night, I was quickly rushed to the hospital. Lying almost lifeless, the only thing I remembered was that the doctor on examination, injected me somewhere around my left lower abdomen and … I was operated upon (a major operation) the next day – as I was told.

The first sentence I made when I started recovering was, “I must become a doctor. I’ll operate others just like they’ve operated me ….” This I said not fully aware, almost unconsciously – I was only told that I really made the statement after I had fully recovered. That major operation was what set my heart on medical profession, even though I read any book authored by Dr. Ben Carson thereafter. After that incident, my love for medicine kept on increasing despite I was yet tender and preparing for life in High School.

This incident have been fueling my passion and love for medicine!

Written by Obasi Lawrence, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State, NIGERIA


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  1. Unique


    Most medical students had such similar experiences which fueled their passion for medicine too.

  2. Gbemisola

    Most patients appreciate the work of the medical team and wish to be like them. Saving lives,restoring people’s hope,caring for the sick and lots more.

    It’s nice when you have a good reason and a passion to fuel your desire.

    The path we have chosen isn’t an easy one,may God make it easy for everyone of us.

    Nice write-up

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