Medical Students Are Too Proud

“Medical Students Are Too Proud”

“Jemima, why is it that you don’t listen or even respect other people. You’re just too proud. Is it because you’re a medical student?” Judith frankly said, while Jemima remained silent and flexing her Atlas of Anatomy like a new born baby.
“Look … you can’t even sweep the room. Are you the only one that reads “big” books? Mtchww, you’re just too insensitive. I hate you medical students. If you’re like this in your 200Level, I wonder how you’ll look like in your final year. May God deliver you.” She concluded.

Just like Jemima. . .





. . .most medical students are “too proud.”
Although I wouldn’t generalize so broadly, but I understand the sentiment. There are definitely some that are like that. They think they’re on top of the world and other students are beneath. They feel they’re the only serious minds and other courses are only “leftovers.” Perhaps, maybe because of their high JAMB score that gave them an edge over many others that were rejected or dispatched to other courses of study. They soon have forgotten that University is not like Secondary School. It’s obvious that Head Boy, Head Girl and prefect mentality has “entered their head” too deep. Their shiny lab coats have robed them of their virtue of humility and respect. It also seems those big med textbooks have reset their “brain” from normal to abnormal. This is very bad!

This is not to say you can’t be jolly proud about your course. But, there should be a balance!

Remember, you’re only favoured by God. Know also that you’re not absolute and no one knows tomorrow. Be humble and learn from others. Have friends from other field of learning. Don’t live like an alien. No matter how intelligent you are, you can’t know it all – you sure need companions on this noble journey.

This is my advice for upcoming med students: Depend on God, do your best and be smart. Learn from others and value your friends. Don’t look down on people. And of course, to all those who are in the system already; be dutiful and diligent, fear God and respect your lecturers and other people, and always be humble.


Written by

Lawrence Obasi,
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State, NIGERIA.


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  1. JoshWurani

    Great write up. Neverthless , some non-medical students have low self esteem and inferiority complex. They cover all that by criticism no matter how simple and humble you are. If your simple and talk mucch some will say your proud…if your quiet same thing they still say u think your way better than anybody and think your words are golden while deep within your only suffering from depression that comes with reading and stuffs like that…

    Be humble, be kind neverthless know your self worth, dont loose yourself trying to please anybody. Dont go playing around just to prove that you can also keep company when your supposed to be in class.

  2. Jennyfa

    Yhhh… it’s true that most medical students are proud.. maybe because they feel that their course is one of the best course or maybe because they believe that for every medical student after the six years of study there’s always an assurance of job or employment (which really is not so true).
    But this pride that’s being ascribed to all medical students is not true because I know a whole lot of medical students that relate very well with people from other faculty.. they don’t let the “medical students syndrome” get into their head . We should know that pride comes before a downfall. Even within your class as a medical student there are still people you make them feel less of their selves simply because you know it all and they are just average students. Let’s just try being neutral and try relating with people not just within the medical line but every other person. With this, your circle grows…you don’t know who might help you tomorrow.. everything doesn’t just end in the med school… THANKS 😊

  3. Mayor

    Generally, People considers most medical students to be proud but I don’t think it is very true. Some medical students are naturally harsh and arrogant while some are gentle and friendly. The arrogant ones seem to be more I guess that is why people consider med studs as being proud.

    Even if 100L and 200L Students are proud, some of them will later learn to be humble after their first MB exams.

    To med Students, try to remain humble to everyoneband that doesn’t mean your course is not one of the best.

    Humility makes you more respected no matter the course you are studying.

    Tank you (in broda Shaggi’s Voice)

  4. Adeshola 54

    Not all medical students are proud sha… I’m not a medical student but I have many medics friends that we discuss football, politics, women(lol), academics and many other things together… any proud medical student you know is just proud naturally…you only noticed cos he/she is studying a perceived higher course..Tbh, you might not have noticed if the person is studying an underrated course. Let’s not forget about inferiority complex too…a lot of non medical students feel inferior and that’s why we notice what is not there some times…but there’s one thing I know, whatever you study, be proud of it but don’t let it change who you are

  5. chineme

    Some medical student are definitely proud
    Some in their 100 level are proud but are humbled after 200 level results are out
    Some are humbled after 300 level MB exams or before during preparations for the exam
    Most of the medical student are friendly people,with very bad mouth (sarcastic)
    So there are all brands of people in medicine
    Las las , that what makes it interesting

  6. dupee

    Medical students are not proud. If anyone should say they are proud it’s fine but I believe they have earned that right to be proud because their course isn’t easy. It is possible most of them seem proud because they are usually most times on their own or around their coursemates. Trust me it’s not because they want to be that way but when they try to have a conversation with non-medical student, they don’t understand and to them you learn by discussing this things.

  7. Dr Yhucee

    I guess it all boils down to personality. A proud person will always remain a proud person, medicine or no medicine, same holds for a humble person. Admission into the department only magnifies their innate character. In the department, the adage “Pride goes before a fall” is nothing but a fact. Humility is the key.

    1. blackkorede

      This is just the truth. Medicine or no medicine a proud person would always be proud. However, there’s no hiding that there’s an aura of pride that surrounds medical related courses AND EVERY OTHER COURSE but it is mostly exagerated in the eyes of those that deem their own course of study inferior.

  8. meeeee

    It’s actually a stereotypical thing that medical students are proud. As a medical student, whether you’re proud or not, people will actually deem you as being proud. I don’t know if it’s envy or jealousy, but there’s this kind of dislike some people, especially those who tried to get into medical school but didn’t, have for medical students. I have tons of experience with people like that. I have friends like that who still throw statements like “you this medical students sha…” at me.

    Then some medical students are actually just proud. They let the fact of being one of those favoured by God get into their head. It’s hard to not let it get into your head sef. It’s hard to not want to show off the fact that you’re a medic. The way some people will be “carrying their ID tags on head” like bag of rice. Kikikikiki. Especially 100L and 200L students. Like that euphoria is just always there.

    But there’s a difference between being proud of your course and being proud as a person. Most of them are probably just proud of their course but some are also proud, period! So whether those ones are in medical school or not, those ones will still be proud.
    Non medics should actually try to see good in medics. Why do you think that medic is proud? You greeted and he/she didn’t answer? What if he/she didn’t hear you? Just give the person excuse.
    Maybe you passed and that medical student “eyed you” or looked at you somehow. Give the person an excuse. Maybe something entered their eye while you were passing ni.

    It’s good if we stop stereotyping people because of what we assume some of them to be like.

  9. TeaGee

    We could as well take a full cup of water and accept the fact that this article has a high volume of truth. There’s totally no need raising shields of defence…Read, Learn, adjust and be a better version of a medical student.

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