Sometime last semester before the corona break, a course mate of mine walked up to me and said “Come babe, who’s that Baba you do meet?”
Another time, a friend blurted out “Ah, Fayv you’re a WITCH o”. I remember laughing until my stomach hurt on both on occasions. They were actually referring to my “photographic” memory. Now, I owe all glory to God because it is with His guidance that I’ll share with y’all SECRETS to a GREAT MEMORY.
Firstly, every human learns and has their learning style. It is with identifying your learning style that your brain learns best and is able to retain information efficiently.
There are different types of learners:
Visual learners
Auditory learners
Kinesthetic learners
Reading and writing learners

Visual learners absorb information best when they can visualize relationships and ideas. Maps, charts, diagrams and even essays work well for visual learner. These set of people love seeing as they learn.
Auditory learners are all ears. They tend to prefer listening to information rather than reading it or seeing it visually displayed. As they study, they tend to speak out or converse about it with someone. They grasp faster this way.
Kinesthetic learners learn best with “movement”. These set of people get fidgety if they sit for long periods. They move about, grab things etc. Sometimes even being physically engaged like skipping a rope (Who remembers the movie: “Akeelah and the bee”?), tossing a ball etc helps them retain info better.
Reading and writing learners are extremely comfortable with the written word. They prefer consuming information by reading texts and can further absorb info by condensing and rephrasing it. This is the “brain-hand phenomenon”. This set of learners can easily trigger memory of any particular information they pen down.

Now reading this, you already know the type of learner you are. You may learn with more than one style but ask yourself, “Is this learning style really what I like and enjoy doing?”
If you study and do not enjoy it while you are it, you will never be able to recollect what you actually read and you will end up just cramming. Have you ever read a book for two or more hours, and when you begin to quiz yourself on what you actually read, you can’t seem to remember more than two lines? Does that happen when you find the content boring or interesting?
I am majorly a reading and writing learner and sometimes, a visual learner. Nevertheless, do you know what I do? I make the most of other learning styles and that is the KEY to a great retentive memory.
In level one, I studied Organic chemistry by Visual learning (drawing structures) and auditory learning (having conversations with others and teaching too). I also studied Math with Pop music, it helped charge my brain cells to be more active and alert (friends knew me and my headset then)
In level two, I study anatomy and biochemistry by Rapping and using my imaginative abilities to the fullest. My roommates know much I rap the brachial plexus and bones of upper extremities to their ears. I use my imaginative abilities to picture how the blood cells wiggle through permeable capillaries for physiology topics. I make studying fun for myself.
For a retentive memory, recognize your learning style. That should be your main style. Work with it more, but be flexible, try other learning styles that you enjoy (you can have different learning styles for different subjects). Your brain loves fun. Just like a child, when you tap the child to play even from sleep. The child jerks up excitedly. Why? Because it’s fun. This is same with your brain. Don’t make learning a boring process. Sweeten it and other people will call you ‘WITCH’ too
Got value? What learning strategies do you use for study time?
Share in the comment box. I want to learn from you too.

Written by Favour Ikharo, Bayero University Kano, Kano State, NIGERIA.


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  1. faridah

    I think I’m a reading and writing learner and also an auditory learner
    I tend not to forget things that I listened to even for a long period of time
    But…..who will be talking to my hearings

    1. Fayv_Shining

      Hello Faridah
      You can actually involve more in group discussions
      I know for a fact that that opinion or argument you had with your study buddy about a particular topic will surely spring up during a hot seat exam
      Also, recording your lecturers go a long way
      You might be doing some chores or so with your lectures on repeat
      Your brain will thank you for that
      Just like how you listen to music once or twice and the lyrics stick
      That’s how it works

      Lastly, there are some apps like Adobe that help read your handouts to you.
      You’re an auditory learner

      Make the most of it

      Thanks for reading through 😀

  2. DERA232

    Wow….Indeed this article is really amazing…….Gudos to you dear…

    Actually based on your write up, I think my reading style is Visual and reading and writing……because I tend to grab and retain information’s more, when I view them through my eyes, however, i tend to use the reading and writing style on courses that aren’t pratical and to make out a short note(jotter) for easy absorption

    1. Fayv_Shining

      Yesso we’re on the same boat

      Thanks for reading and the compliments too of course 😀

  3. Thankz

    I think the Auditory style is key for me, but I also employ others, visual learning and kinesthetic learning. The reading and writing is least used because its boring sometimes and yet important for some few hard topics.

    1. Fayv_Shining

      I really like reading and writing tho
      There’s something I got to figure out few years ago
      About an apparent brain-hand network that involves easy retention of memory once you’ve scribbled down the particular info

      But I guess it’s different strokes for different folks
      It’s great that you know yourself and what works for you
      Keep it up

      Thanks for reading 😀

  4. AquaFortis

    I’m a reading and writing learner, an auditory learner in few subject and also a visual learner too

    1. Fayv_Shining

      That’s the spirit!
      I hope studies are going well for you

      Thanks for reading through 😀

  5. Margaret

    This is really nice. I’m a reading and writing learner but even at that I still tend to forget some things I’ve read over a long period of time.

    1. Fayv_Shining

      It’s actually normal
      Information if not well stored can be volatile

      The question is
      How well do you try to switch things up n gorge your memory
      A tip I learnt few years ago is that
      After studying something, just randomly think of it out of the blue
      Maybe two days later and try explaining to your self what you studied in your own terms

      If you can successfully do that
      Well, the info you studied is on its way to your long term memory box

  6. AJ

    Thanks alot Fayv…just realized I’ve been a rigid learner who believes its either visual learning or nothing else

    Going forward I’d be alot more flexible…

    Thanks for the amazing article

  7. Harris

    Nice writeup fayv…..I’m more of a reading and writing learner, tho I also learn visually and that also helps me with mastring my subjects. Sometimes I play music too while studying and the helps me alot too tho I mostly do that when dealing with maths. But it was nice reading through your writeup, and I would tryout some other learning styles.

  8. Lilian20

    This was really helpful. For a long time I’ve been a reading and writing learner but lately I’ve been having difficulty learning with this style, because I feel it’s slow and it doesn’t feel like I’m retaining information. Also, use the visual style along side reading and writing for subjects like anatomy

  9. Bilal Mustapha

    I can’t say precisely. But I think I’m a kind of person that got myself in visualing plus reading and writing method in any case of study.

  10. Dr.Dragon spine

    If I’m serious about any material, I don’t read it if I don’t have a writing material. Nowadays I do the writing on my phone, it is faster and more convenient, especially with apps like Samsung notes. Sometimes I read a single sentence but fail to understand, but once I start writing it down somehow I begin to understand. This is how I organise my notes on my phone, I typed everything.

  11. Olalekan15

    Thanks for this awesome piece…… Tho I practice read and write style with ease 🥰🥰 I would explore other style too for better understanding

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